Vertical Wall Art: Where to Use, Trends, and Decor Ideas

Vertical wall art encourages us to look up and down. Therefore, it better fits high-ceiling rooms. The ways you can style such wall decor are many. Yet, accent walls, the space above an end table, or a short bench area seem more suitable. Undoubtedly, working with vertical artwork is more challenging than with horizontal one. Still, there are various decor ideas you probably haven’t thought of. Stay tuned for a comprehensive list of the best vertical wall art ideas to improve your home decor.

Large Vertical Wall Art

Don’t hesitate to decorate a blank wall with huge vertical artwork if you have a genuinely high-ceiling space, say a living room or dining room. In the photo gallery above, you can witness how organically those large-scale art pieces blend with the overall minimalist or eclectic decor.

Vertical Canvas with a Meaning

Large or small, try vertical canvases in a high or low-ceiling room. By the way, they can effortlessly make a low-ceiling space feel larger than it is. The main rule is to opt for thoughtful artwork that shares emotions and particular meaning with the room. For instance, visit a yard sale to find budget-friendly yet one-of-a-kind pieces.

2-Piece Vertical Wall Art

Instead of one large piece, opt for a set of two smaller vertical canvases. This decor option works for smaller rooms. The best thing about this decor idea is that you can consider any layout you like: put them next to each other, one above the other, or opt for an improvised layout.

Visual Upgrade: Add Textured Finish

From flat canvas to catchy plastered artwork with a similar vertical style, opt for one of these beautiful wall art ideas with classic white or colorful standout features. Focus on originality and let it steal the spotlight.

Let It Speak Softness

Add comfort to any room of the house and make your abode feel genuinely like home with textile wall art made of soft fabric. Be aware: such a wall accent will steal the show, and no other accessory in the room can compete. 

Modern Vertical Wall Accents

These abstract vertical wall art options are some of the trendiest modern wall art ideas. If you need help choosing a suitable abstract art piece for your design style, go with the solution you cannot fail with – pick an abstract canvas that matches the colors you can find in the room. 

Horizontal wall art is perfect for natural landscape paintings, while vertical wall art is the go-to option for real-life photographs. The designers’ top pick is a themed vertical gallery wall depicting the outdoor world’s authentic beauty.

Multi-Purpose Wavy Mirror

You’ll absolutely fall in love with this vertical wall decor solution if you have a small living room or bedroom. Choose a long mirror with a wavy shape and a frame of any color you like. Aside from bringing more enigmatic and unusual interest to the space, it will make the room seem larger. Moreover, who would mind a large mirror for when they get ready?

Up-To-Date Industrial Decor 

Another expert pick is vertical metal wall art. You can choose from various designs, with sculptural art and gold or silver finish topping the selection. Make your living room or bedroom vibrate and stay updated with an Industrial wall feature.

Wall-Mounted Planters

Go all the way up on a blank wall with wall-mounted planters for live flowers or built-in pots for indoor plants. Make a green accent in your home in terms of both color and sustainable design.

Share Your Favorite Memories

Whether it is a narrow hallway, a blank space above the end table, or an accent wall in the living room, try out this original family photo gallery layout – a vertical gallery wall. For instance, those can be photos of different moments in your family’s life, your favorite photoshoot that you took part in, the most important events, or even random pictures from your daily life that you hold dear.

Vertical wall art adds just the last touch of originality to any wall decor. It may seem slightly unconventional compared to traditional horizontal wall art, yet everything can be brought to perfection with the right tools at hand. And our narrowed-down collection of wall art ideas is always at your disposal.

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