Wall Art Ideas for Living Room You’ll Want to Copy

Even lovers of Minimalism will agree that staring too much at a blank wall isn’t that entertaining, especially in the living room, where we spend most of our time during the day. Besides, every space in your house needs a personal touch, and what better way to do this than choosing trendy and customized artwork to decorate the wall? And, believe us, the hardest part is not finding original wall art ideas for the living room but choosing one when the online world is full of inspiration. Thus, we are more than happy to share our findings – the designers’ favorite living room wall decor ideas, 2024 edition.

Modern Wall Art Ideas for Living Room

Real beauty lies in simple things. There is no need for luxe art pieces when the simplest renderings of the outdoors in paintings make the best modern statement. At the end of the day, we are looking to find a retreat in our homes, far from the urban hustle. 

Stand Out with Simple Artwork

Even simpler than the previous option? We dare say so. The thing is that contemporary designers are so high on eclectic, colorful, and rich design options that it is hard to stand out now with something bright. We suggest going the opposite, meaning the most minimalist wall art ideas. Try abstract art with paints or fabrics on a canvas. 

Go Big or Stay Home

Don’t lose this great opportunity to decorate your living room wall with a large piece of art, a painting or a framed print. Let it become the main highlight and add taste to everything in the room.

Paint Directly on Walls

One of the most original living room wall art ideas is undoubtedly one done by you. Paint directly on walls, improvising various concepts, from the most abstract to the most standout animal or botanical prints. It is a DIY for creative minds, yet hiring a professional is also an option.

Fabric Wall Art Ideas for Living Room

One of the newest wall art ideas for the living room are artworks made entirely of fabric. Moreover, those can be reinterpreted macrame options. Swap paint for textiles, and enjoy the most original decor ever in your home.

Appealingly Reflective

A perfect alternative to paintings for wall decor in your lounge area is mirrors, especially as a small living room wall art idea. Expand your room and decorate it with one of the trending living room ideas – swap sharp edges for curved shapes.

Steal the Show with a Metallic Accent

Look no more if you’re searching for luxury wall art ideas in your living room. Interestingly shaped metallic accents of gold or silver are your top choice. Place them high above the sofa or where you can easily admire them and let them take center stage.

Paintings that Tell a Story

If you decide to go the traditional way and decorate your living room walls with paintings, choose thoughtfully and opt for meaningful art pieces. On top of that, let them share their story with the room and create a particular mood.

Eclectic Living Room Wall Art Ideas

Colorful wall art ideas are the best options for your living room if you are a fan of Eclectic and bright design solutions in your home, just like we are. By no means should you be afraid of upgrading your richly accessorized design with a few additional accents – vividly colored paintings. Benefit from this once-in-a-lifetime trend until Minimalism doesn’t swallow interior design again. 

Life in Black and White

If you’re a fan of the classic duo, this is your no-fail option. Moreover, if your living room is all decorated in black-and-white, and you embrace this combo as a lifestyle, the black-and-white wall art idea with random real-life photos will suit your liking.

White Plaster Artwork

Try this textured wall art option the next time you want a perfect wall art idea for your sleek minimalist living room. Moreover, you can even plan a DIY project and personalize the design of your future art piece.

Rope Wall Art

This option will undoubtedly stand out from thousands of wall decor ideas. As the trending design style claims: upcycle, recycle, reuse. In the spirit of sustainability, choose the eco wall art option and benefit from the wide range of available designs. 

Thread Wall Art

Following the same concept from the previous option, try out this fantastic wall decor idea made of colorful threads to match your color palette. Search online for handmade thread wall art products, and you’ll be astonished by the beauty and diversity of available designs and professional manufacturers. 

Wabi-Sabi Art in Your Home

Embrace the perfectly imperfect design concept and reach utmost harmony in your living room with large, abstract plaster art canvases in pastel colors. Enjoy the play of geometric shapes and the balance of feelings that come with it.

Wall decor has become a matter of taste rather than following the trends. Trust your inner voice when it comes to design choices, and be assured – all the mentioned wall art ideas for the living room are in style.

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