Wall behind bed: ideas for wall decoration behind the headboard
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Wall behind bed: ideas for wall decoration behind the headboard

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The bedroom is an important space – a sort of oasis of peace. Here we rest and relax. Our mood and well-being depend on how the interior is decorated. So what can we do to make an environment that allows us to enjoy the interior, in which we would be happy to relax after a hard day? How to decorate the walls in the bedroom to make it comfortable and pleasant? There are many possibilities. It is worth highlighting the wall behind the bed, mainly it gives the interior a general expression and defines its character. 

The wall behind the bed in the bedroom offers great possibilities for decoration. This is the central element of the interior. Therefore it is worth revealing and highlighting it to give the interior a unique character. 

We can organize this in many ways. It all depends on our imagination, taste, and idea of the interior, as well as on what effect and atmosphere in the bedroom we want to achieve. It is important that the wall decoration matches the interior style and goes well with the furniture and the rest of the bedroom design.

Wallpaper as wall decoration behind the bed

For people who appreciate modern design, wallpaper remains the first and most natural choice. This is the easiest and fastest way to change the character of the interior. Rich compositions full of exotic plants and flowers, dark and rich, are trendy. What if, after 4 or 5 years, we get tired of the monstera leaf print? This is not a problem – just change the pattern again. Manufacturers’ offer includes, among others, wallpaper, textiles, paper products, fiberglass. The products are durable, abrasion and UV resistant, and other performance parameters. All of them are relatively easy to use, mask small irregularities in the walls, and improve the premises’ acoustics.

A wooden wall behind the bed

A wooden wall behind the bed is the perfect solution for lovers of this elegant finishing material. The wood is suitable for both modern and classic interiors. It will be an interesting wall decoration in a bedroom decorated in both Scandinavian and rustic styles. Wood gives the interior character, warms the atmosphere, creates a cozy, unique atmosphere. A huge advantage of wood as a finishing material is a wide selection of species, patterns, colors, and textures adapted to almost any interior style.

For walls in the bedroom, wood paneling, laminate or veneer are perfect. You can also use untreated boards, corrugated panels, chipboard or wood paneling, which have recently become more popular. Wood can be used to finish the entire wall or just a part of it. Boards can be laid vertically, horizontally, and even diagonally. An interesting solution is to use the same panels on the bedroom wall as on the floor. This is the so-called elongated floor effect, which makes the interior visually larger.

A brick wall behind the bed

Brick on the wall is a trend in interior design. It is versatile, elegant, and timeless. Despite its rough character, it warms up space and lends character to the interior. It fits the Scandinavian style, modern or industrial style. White bricks are very popular in decoration. They retain their character, and their light color lends lightness to the interior. In turn, the brick on the wall in the bedroom in a natural color, despite its raw character, warms the space and makes it more comfortable. An alternative to classic bricks is modern finishing materials, including brick effect tiles that look great and are cheaper than traditional brick. Brick walls in the bedroom will never go out of style. This is such a versatile finishing material that it will fit well into any interior.

A soft wall behind the bed

The soft wall panels on the wall behind the bed are an absolute hit in interior design. This is a fashionable and original wall decoration that gives the impression of comfort, warmth, and softness. The panels look great, are pleasant to the touch, and have different sizes and shapes – so you can create any exciting compositions. The soft panels can replace the head of the bed or decorate the entire wall in the bedroom. In addition to decoration, they also have a practical function – they improve the room’s sound insulation.

A wardrobe wall behind the bed in the bedroom

Building a cabinet wall behind the bed in the bedroom is not such a popular solution, but it certainly deserves attention. This is a convenient solution, especially for a small bedroom. Thanks to this solution, you can make the most of the space in the room. The furnishings should be simple, minimalistic, matching colors and visual elements throughout the interior to create a cohesive whole with the bed. There are many ways to make furniture – it can consist of closed or open cabinets, shelves for books, or small items.

Stucco molding on the wall behind the bed

This is a decorative stucco molding that connects and attaches to the wall. Stucco molding beautifully decorates the interior, giving it elegance and style. This is a great solution for any interior – it works in both modern and classic styles. A flat wall is inappropriate – only the introduction of divisions in the form of stucco elements will give the wall texture and create an effect of depth. It becomes even more elegant by painting it with the appropriate color, emphasizing the room’s character.