Top 5 trendy wall covering materials for 2022

Competent wall decoration is one of the most important conditions for creating a harmonious interior. It is vertical surfaces that become the backdrop necessary for the correct arrangement of furniture and accessories within a specific design project and a key component for creating a visual unity of flooring and ceilings.

Paint has become the undisputed leader among materials for wall decoration in 2022. Smooth painted surfaces are equally friendly for minimalism, Scandi, and eclecticism – not to mention neoclassical and loft. However, suppose a calm monochrome seems too simple for you. In that case, you should not worry: the designers offer to evaluate the advantages of five options that promise to become popular for the next couple of seasons.

Stick to the classic wallpaper

No matter how unusual, over-current, and sometimes even extravagant wall covering materials the designers offer, trends for 2022 still have an eye on classic solutions. Having studied interior design trends, you can once again make sure that the wallpaper, it seems, will stay with us for a long time, if not forever.

Suppose deep down in your heart you are still inclined towards something traditional. In that case, you can safely wallpaper the walls – mostly since the designers have offered many new and attractive solutions:

  • the geometric pattern that allows you to create a precise rhythm within a trendy laconic interior;
  • large botanical print with an exotic bias – monstera leaves and palm trees are more in trend than ever;
  • monochrome metallic – for modern and sophisticated interiors;
  • wallpaper with marble effect – as a tribute to the continuing neoclassicism;
  • retro patterns and light gilding – for fashionable luxury interiors in the spirit of art deco and modern classic style.

Nature-inspired materials for a natural effect

As much eco-friendly as possible – this principle has secretly become one of the most important for designers when developing trends in wall decoration. Today you can safely use materials created by nature itself and enjoy the fantastic transformation of familiar rooms – in favor of freshness, comfort, and naturalness.

Natural wood has become the most popular finishing material of this type. However, the list of options is not limited only to them: you can pay attention to other, no less interesting options:

  • natural stone;
  • pebble;
  • mosses of various types;
  • cork;
  • sandstone.

The technology of laying such materials is somewhat complicated, but the effect exceeds all expectations. Having decided on such a design, you can add genuine exclusivity to the interior since it is impossible to achieve two identical finishes in this case.

Keep it raw with concrete surfaces

The concrete surfaces trend became a kind of revolution back in 2019. The harsh rough texture of concrete is so organic in modern interiors – primarily in the loft, industrial or hi-tech styles. Today, walls of this cold-looking material provide the basis for various solutions, including glass and metal, textiles and natural wood, natural stone, and ceramics.

Despite the confident emergence of natural concrete as the leader in finishing materials, many are still skeptical about it – and it concerns not only perception but also the complexity of such a design. However, today many alternatives allow you to recreate the authentic texture of concrete surfaces:

  • decorative plaster, which, when dried, forms a deliberately uneven surface with small, cement-like inclusions;
  • large-format porcelain stoneware with a matte surface, which allows you to quickly and efficiently complete the finish and reliably hide communications;
  • wallpaper or paint with an “industrial finish” effect.

Porcelain stoneware for a functional and stylish result

Today, many people still consider porcelain stoneware a material suitable for outdoor and functional areas such as the kitchen or bathroom. However, today the scope of its application is steadily expanding, and large and medium-format slabs set the tone for the interiors of living rooms, halls, and in some cases, bedrooms.

In 2022, designers propose using different porcelain stoneware types – including glossy, matte, lapped, and incredibly trendy satin. You can choose only one variant of the tiles’ surface treatment or combine two types of texture. As for the pattern, here too, you can find many solutions that are relevant in the coming season:

  • large-format marbled slabs;
  • porcelain stoneware with concrete and patinated metal texture;
  • tiles with a “stracciatella” pattern;
  • material like boiserie panels;
  • porcelain stoneware with imitation of natural wood – including parquet boards.

Modern technologies make it possible to obtain a material that has not only an attractive design but also unsurpassed practicality – compared to the same wallpaper or wood paneling.

3D panels for an original effect

When wall decoration sets a precise interior rhythm, it provides maximum harmony with minimum effort. That is why 3D panels have become a top-rated solution over the past couple of years. Relief elements of a rectangular or square shape are folded into a single pattern or, being in a slight deviation in the plane relative to each other, create an unusually textured surface.

Such a structure of the panels provides them with excellent decorative properties, allowing you to add originality to the interior or accentuate one of the room’s walls. Other advantages of the 3D panels include environmental friendliness, ease of installation, durability, and the ability to create an additional layer of sound insulation.

Today, manufacturers offer 3D solutions for walls, different in texture, color, thickness, size, and shape of elements. Those who are seriously thinking about the idea of decorating the walls with such panels will also appreciate the variety of materials, implying the following options:

  • wood – allows stylish, more often premium panels with a fashionable and natural texture;
  • bamboo – material for the production of panels in such styles as eco or Scandinavian, entirely absorb moisture and are not subject to decay;
  • tempered glass is a popular choice for mesmerizing visuals and the trendiest finishes in 2022;
  • aluminum with anti-corrosion coating – a godsend for panels for interiors in the loft, high-tech, or industrial style;

In some design projects, 3D panels are also used to decorate door frames, ceilings, niches, and cabinet furniture. Such solutions allow you to revive the interior; however, they should be used in an extremely metered-out – no more than 1-2 architectural elements, decorated similarly.

Wall decoration in 2022 is a fascinating mix of natural materials, clean lines, and hidden tranquility. Experimenting with the finishing of vertical surfaces, you should focus not only on current trends but also on your preferences regarding textures and shades. Only then will you be able to create a stylish and visually comfortable backdrop to design an optimal living space.

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