11 Wall Painting Ideas for a Design Refresh

While some look for expensive materials to cover their walls, others know that wall painting is the easiest and most inexpensive way to get that new look, besides being one of the best wall cover options. What’s more, you can always repaint the walls as you wish at a similarly affordable price. To your interest, wall painting isn’t only about covering walls with one paint color. There are plenty of painting solutions that designers come up with every year. Discover the best wall painting ideas and ensure an aesthetically beautiful look for your home.

If you still want to stick to the classic with one-tone walls, choose the trending colors this season. You can always repaint your walls as the trends change. Now, we are seeing the emerging popularity of purples, earthy tones (brown, orange, terracotta), organic greens, moody blues, warm pastels, and bold shades of natural colors (pinks, reds, yellows, violets). Try to avoid all-white, beige, and especially gray.

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Two-Color Walls

Out of practical reasons or the desire to make your interior seem more interesting, you can opt for the two-tone option. Choose dark paint for the lower half of the wall and a lighter color for the upper side. Usually, the upper half is painted white or a lighter variation of the first color. Speaking the designers’ language, this is the easiest way to add visual interest with color only.

Ombre Effect

If the previous solution with a visibly clear contrast between two colors seems too eye-catching, try the ombre effect. What does it imply? A smooth transition from dark to light. Usually, such projects are done by professionals, yet a good how-to-do or DIY guide you can easily find online is more than enough for those who don’t mind getting their hands a bit dirty. 

Geometric Print

Get creative with colorful geometric patterns on whitewashed walls. Rounded shapes have reached an unprecedented level of popularity. Avoid repetitive patterns and allow your original wall painting to become the room’s main highlight.

Blooming Patterns

Consider floral patterns on whitewashed walls. Choose rich colors and bold prints. This idea will mainly suit artistic people who enjoy DIY projects. Yet, hiring a professional to do the work is the best option. Floral motifs are a must of the season, and opting for such prints instead of one-tone walls will add that flair to your home.

Ceiling as the 5th Wall

Let color flow from walls to the ceiling by connecting them through the same paint color or cohesive design. It can be a one-tone living room with walls and ceiling painted with the same color or subtle variation. As of late, one-stripe wall painting that goes all the way to the ceiling or drawings that connect them are often applied to interiors.

Mural Wall Painting

The living room, bedroom, dining room, and even bathroom can be great spaces for trying an attention-stealing mural painting on walls. The higher it goes, the better, meaning a continuation of the mural up to the ceiling. Natural and moody colors are preferred to induce an organic or ambient color palette.

Glossy Wall Paint

There are two distinguishable groups, those who crave the matte effect and those who cannot imagine their home without a single gloss-painted wall. Either way, do you know that glossy paint colors are the new hit of the season? Try a gloss-finished paint in at least one room of your house and experience the reflective and elegant surface of your refreshed interior walls.

Paint over Wall Decor

Consider in advance wall accessories like molding, trim, or paneling and cover them with paint. This way, your interior will look more dynamic and original. Again, avoid overused neutrals like white, gray, and beige. Switch to moody greens, organic blues, and warm earthy tones.

DIY: Faux Brick

This DIY option will suit even those who have never tried a do-it-yourself alternative to ready-made accessories for their house. All you need is paint; it can be classy brick color, black, or any other color, and a rectangular sponge. Use the sponge to improvise bricks on your walls. The sponge surface will unevenly spread paint, creating a textured effect.

Patterned Paint Roller

Next time you are in a shop of the kind, try to find a patterned paint roller. You’ll use it to draw beautiful patterns in your favorite color by effortlessly running the roller on your walls. It is much faster than wallpaper and looks 100 times more original as if an artist had drawn every little detail.


Do you need a primer before applying paint, even if the walls have never been painted before?

Most painting jobs require at least two coats of primer before applying the paint for a better connection between the walls and the paint. If the walls are covered with an old coat of paint, the primer will cover it and prepare the surface for the new paint. 

How many coats of paint are necessary when painting a wall?

It depends on the existing paint color and how close it is to the new paint. Ideally, two coats provide the desired color and evenly cover the surface. In some cases, one coat is enough. You’ll see it in practice.

How long should you wait before applying the second coat?

If it is a water-based paint or primer, you should wait at least three hours before applying the next coat. In the case of oil-based products, it is better to wait 24 hours. Why such a huge difference, you may ask. A water-based paint or primer dries faster since moisture evaporates quicker.

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