Wallpaper for the kitchen: Tips and ideas

Wallpaper is one of the most affordable finishes suitable for the kitchen. A wide variety of textures and patterns makes it possible to choose the perfect option for any style. What you should pay attention to before buying a wallpaper and how to make a delightful interior with their help will be described below.

Types of wallpaper, their advantages and disadvantages

Since the kitchen, along with the bathroom, is one of the wettest rooms in the house, it is better to choose wallpaper resistant to such a microclimate for its decoration.

So, for example, inexpensive paper will quickly lose their aesthetic appearance and after a year, or even earlier, the repair will have to be done again. The periodic effect of water vapor also has a very negative effect on textiles – it can stretch, sag, shed, become stained.

But vinyl, non-woven, acrylic, bamboo, cork wallpaper, as well as fiberglass – perfectly cope with the function of a beautiful and durable wall covering for the kitchen.

Vinyl wallpaper for the kitchen

The main disadvantage of polyvinyl, which lies in its inability to let air and moisture through, turns into a solid advantage in the kitchen. The exception is, perhaps, only wallpaper with a foamed top layer, in the micropores of which water can collect. At the same time, vinyl coatings with a smooth surface or resembling pearl embroidery with hot stamping (silk-screening) can even be washed with a wet sponge with the addition of some neutral detergent.

Non-woven wallpaper for the kitchen

Such wallpaper is a flexible canvas made of cellulose. Usually they are used for painting, but there are also colored ones. For better protection against moisture, it is advisable to use latex or acrylic paint. In order not to spoil the embossed relief, repaint this type of wallpaper should be no more than 3-5 times for the entire period of operation. The advantage of non-woven fabric is its environmental friendliness, and the minus is the ability to absorb moisture (less than paper).

Acrylic wallpaper for the kitchen

The composition of this material is similar to vinyl, but in this case, the surface substance is applied to a paper or non-woven backing using the spot method, leaving micropores for air. Acrylic wallpapers weigh about half as much as polyvinyl, so they are easier to glue, but moisture resistance and durability leaves much to be desired.

Bamboo wallpaper for the kitchen

Bamboo wood is distinguished by its ability to repel water, in addition, it looks very beautiful. Natural wallpapers of warm straw shades create a comfortable home atmosphere in the kitchen. In addition to the high price, the disadvantages of this type of finish does not exist.

Cork wallpaper for the kitchen

Another eco-friendly and original material for wall decoration in the kitchen is cork in rolls. Moisture resistance, durability, resistance to mechanical damage, the ability to hide wall irregularities, unique texture – this is not the whole list of advantages of such wallpapers. By the way, denser cork textures are also suitable for flooring.

Fiberglass wallpaper for the kitchen

A flexible translucent glass-fiber canvas is ideal for those who value simplicity and reliability. Smooth or with a barely noticeable relief, the fiberglass wallpapers will “tightly” adhere to the walls for at least 30 years, during which time they can be repainted up to 20 times. Made entirely from natural raw materials (sand-quartz, soda, clay), they allow moisture and air to pass through, do not soak, do not absorb odors, and mold or stains do not appear on them.

A nice bonus – fiberglass wallpapers protect the plaster from cracks and perfectly hide all surface imperfections.

How to choose the color of the wallpaper

The color of the walls has a great influence on the overall atmosphere of the kitchen. To make the whole family happy to gather at the dinner table, it is very important to choose the most beloved and cozy shades.

White wallpaper for the kitchen

Snow-white and pastel colors of wallpaper close to it represent an ideal background for any additions. Such walls will make the kitchen more spacious, and any contrasting drawings and bright furniture will look the most advantageous.

Gray wallpaper for the kitchen

Shades of steel, stones, silver, chromed metal, mirrors – with such a rich spectrum, gray color can become a true find for the designer. A simple combination of textures of different saturation – and a concise functional interior is obtained. If desired, it can always be varied with vivid details and additions.

Black wallpaper for the kitchen

Black wallpaper in the kitchen is a bold and eccentric solution. However, if you combine them with a white or steel kitchen cabinet and make the right lighting, you get a very interesting interior without the effect of reducing the area.

Brown wallpaper for the kitchen

Natural shades from dark chestnut to beige, including the entire wood palette, are the best choice for those who do not pursue fashion, but prefer a cozy classic.

Unlike cold achromatic colors, brown always brings some warmth. Plain or printed wallpaper in the form of a wooden, bamboo wall, with painted autumn leaves, coffee grains, simple lines or in an English cage – this color will always remind you of something calm, about home and family.

Yellow wallpaper for the kitchen

The color of the sun and tropical fruits – the most cheerful option for the design of the kitchen. It improves mood, invigorates and warms. The brightness of yellow can be adjusted from gentle sand to saturated orange.

Yellow wallpapers are in perfect harmony with white, green, gray, black and purple shades. Bright colors are better to choose with the same level of saturation.

Green wallpaper for the kitchen

Walls decorated with wallpaper of emerald, light green, mint colors will be the best frame for a wooden, orange or gray kitchen set.

Green color is subconsciously perceived as the safest, because it symbolizes life itself and the flourishing abundance of the warm season. It combines the warmth of the sun with the coolness of a spring breeze, so the shades of grass are wonderfully suitable for both hot southern and cold northern rooms.

It’s all about style!

Each direction in design is characterized by a certain set of colors, textures, decorative trifles. Wallpapers act as a kind of background, which is simply obliged to harmonize with the general idea, emphasize the beauty of all the details in the kitchen setting and combine them into a single ensemble.

Wallpaper for the kitchen in a modern style

If you see a clear and concise design, then this is most likely modern. In order to maintain the interior of the kitchen in a modern style, it is advisable to cover the walls with plain wallpapers of restrained colors: white, gray, black, beige or light blue.

Photo wallpapers, discrete monochrome drawings, alternating glossy and matte textures, the effect of polished stone, wood, metallic luster are also acceptable.

Wallpaper for the kitchen in a classic style

For a kitchen in a classic style, silk-screened vinyl wallpapers are perfect. Pearlescent patterns, the flickering of silver and gold will create a unique harmony between the walls, appliances and facades of the kitchen cabinet.

To give the interior more luxury, the decoration can be supplemented with decorative columns, plinths, frames or cornices in the form of gypsum stucco.

Scandinavian style kitchen wallpaper

Nordic design will provide a cool freshness to the walls, the colors and textures of which are sustained in the palette of winter landscapes in Norway, Sweden or Denmark. This may be the sparkling purity of virgin snow, the mysterious depths of lakes and rivers, the smoky airiness of the sky, mystical overflows of sunset.

You can add warm notes to the kitchen interior using bleached oak textures, coarse wool knitting, and dark red ethnic patterns on a linen background.

Wallpaper for the kitchen in the style of provence

The interior in the Provence style provides delicate pastel shades: lavender, egg-shell color, light gray, bleached pink, greenish and light turquoise. The relaxed atmosphere of southeastern France will help create floral prints, a small, non-contrasting cell, and peas.

In a rustic and romantic kitchen, wallpapers with pictures of poultry and animals, household items (watering cans, flower pots, bicycles, baskets, watches, lace) would be appropriate for kraft paper, as if drawn with a slate pencil. If you need a wooden texture, then it should be an imitation of light-painted and fairly worn boards.

High-tech kitchen wallpaper

You can choose white, gray, black, blue or coffee colors for your high-tech kitchen wallpaper. They must be plain and glossy. As a last resort, imitation of the iridescent mosaic tile, the silicate brickwork polished to shine of a tree is possible.

Wallpaper for a small kitchen

To make the small kitchen seem more spacious, then when choosing a wallpaper, you should give preference to light, plain coatings. Drawings should be small, without contrasts. Gloss, pearl and golden-silver reflections will not be amiss.

Visually raise the ceiling will help vertical lines, but for this it is not necessary to buy striped wallpaper. It is better to simply combine monochrome and patterned rolls of similar shades, placing them from the floor to the upper border of the wall.

Add missing volume using panoramic or 3D wallpapers with beautiful distant views and the effect of sunlight.

Wallpaper for the kitchen-living room

In the studio apartments, where the kitchen is combined with the living room, wall decoration will help to beautifully zone the space.

So on the cooking area, imitation of tiles, stone, brickwork will be appropriate, and the guest part will be decorated with more elegant wallpapers, for example, with silk-screen printing, unusual photo panoramas or even exclusive freehand drawings. In this case, it is desirable to maintain common stylistic features and adhere to a single color palette.

Wallpaper for the kitchen – photo

An inspiring selection of photos with beautiful design solutions will help you quickly navigate among a huge variety of textures and colors.

In the pictures you will see how glossy and matte wallpapers, all kinds of drawings and prints, photo wallpapers, as well as cork, bamboo and other exotic coatings look in the interior of the kitchen.

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