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Wallpaper Trends for 2020
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Wallpaper Trends for 2020

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The building materials market is volatile. From year to year, new coatings appear that can decorate the walls and ceiling of residential and other premises. We tell you what the most fashionable wallpapers of 2020 look like and present 8 fresh trends.

However, as at all times, traditional finishing materials are relevant.

Gradient Wallpaper 2020

For several years now, smooth, vertical color transitions from light to dark shades or vice versa have been actively used in the field of clothing and accessories design. This trend was adopted by the master of hair coloring. It is also used to create fashionable nail designs. It is clear that he could not be ignored by the professionals involved in interior design.

Designers creating fashionable wallpapers for famous brands offer original options with color overflows from floor to ceiling.

Such trendy wallpapers for walls 2020 will revitalize a minimalist interior. Really a great idea? After all, minimalism does not imply the use of more than 1-2 colors, and gradient wallpapers 2020 allow you to use dozens of shades at the same time.

It is important to combine the design of wallpaper with ceiling decoration. Its color should exactly match the last shade of the gradient “palette”. Otherwise, you will not be able to achieve the desired effect.

The most unusual gradients are also possible. For example, a smooth flow of peach in green or orange in pale blue.

However, such wallpapers should be used for the living room with great care and in metered quantities.

Trendy wallpaper 2020: Metallic

The original novelty wallpaper of 2020 – options with a metallic effect. They also perfectly “dilute” the asceticism of a minimalist living room or bedroom.

The most fashionable wallpaper for walls with a metallic effect should be black or graphite. They can perfectly fit into the high-tech design.

Remember! It is not recommended to trim the room in a totally black color. Although the combination of glossy and matte coatings of the same color remains relevant.

You can refresh this last year’s trend by using matte and wallpaper with a metallic effect for the walls of the room.

Relief metallic wallpapers look interesting. And the rougher their texture, the better. They can decorate the loft interior, combining with “brickwork”.

New wallpapers 2020: “Monochrome”

Black and white combinations will probably never go out of style. They are classics of Minimalism. However, why not make it more alive? For this, monochrome wallpaper for the living room in 2020 with ethnic or geometric ornament is suitable?

An interesting solution to the wallpaper is white, black and gray with a characteristic “northern” pattern. They are perfect for an interior in the Scandinavian style, which is unlikely to lose its relevance in recent years.

For high-tech, you can choose the option with a futuristic design. Pictures originally look like an endless spiral or “moving” pictures creating optical illusions.

By the way, this design of wallpaper can be used as an indicator of your fatigue.

It is believed that the faster the picture “moves”, the more tired the person is.


Do you want to use the most fashionable wallpaper in 2020 for your walls when decorating your home? Then pay attention to the drawing “Wave”. Designers offer an incredible variety of options. After all, the waves can be very different.

Have your child draw waves on a piece of paper. Surely, he will depict several parallel wavy lines. Here is the pattern that adorns the trending wallpapers of many famous brands.

Now show your imagination and try to develop a theme. For example, replace thin lines with wide stripes with a gradient color transition. You will get something resembling a sketch using which modern wallpaper 2020 is made today.

Seriously speaking, the trend is the “Waves” pattern of any color and realism. And do not forget to pay attention to the novelties of wallpaper with a relief wavy surface. They look unusual and fit perfectly into the interior of the living room or bedroom.

In addition, you can choose embossed wallpaper for the living room with a wave pattern and a metallic effect. Such options are simply beyond competition, but they can be used to finish only one of the walls.

Modern Wallpaper 2020: “3D”

The inclusion of 3D design in the number of trends may surprise many. After all, pseudo-volumetric images will not surprise anyone. However, designers who come up with what trendy wallpapers 2020 should continue to offer new solutions.

Wallpaper 2020: with waves

Again, back to the topic of waves. The image of a wave pouring directly into the room will look gorgeous on the wall. Such wallpaper for the living room will delight everyone who you invite to your home. You can paste over only part of the wall with them and place them under the picture, enclosing them in a stucco frame.


The last peep of interior fashion is the wallpaper for 2020, which depicts animals sneaking into the room through a punched wall. They fit perfectly into the ethnic or interior in the style of Fusion. In addition, they can be made the only and main decoration of a minimalist design.

Remember, these options are only suitable for very spacious rooms. They do not make sense to use in small apartments.

It is not recommended to use embossed “wave” wallpapers for the kitchen. Soot and particles of fat will accumulate on them, so they will quickly lose their attractiveness.

Choose options on the labeling of which there are waves in a square with a scallop. This means that they can be cleaned with abrasives and washed.

Glow in the dark wallpaper 2020

When choosing a wallpaper design for 2020, pay attention to the glowing options. They are phosphor and fluorescent.

Want to impress everyone who comes to your house? Use trendy wallpapers 2020 with 3D effect, made using fluorescent paint.

They are especially suitable for decorating the bedroom. In the evening, such wallpapers will create a cozy and romantic atmosphere there.

The market also presents the novelties of wallpaper 2020 for ceilings with a glow with a design in the form of a starry sky. They will become the semantic center of the interior of a children’s room or a teenager’s room.

Newest wallpapers in grunge style 2020

Torn clothes with frayed trousers and holes on jackets and trousers a few years ago marked the triumphal march of the Grunge style on world catwalks.

From there, he entered the realm of interior design. Therefore, it is not surprising that many brands offer modern wallpaper in the style of Grunge.

And if earlier they were mainly used for living rooms, today many people prefer grunge wallpaper for the kitchen. Their characteristic feature is the creation of the effect of an aged, worn surface of the walls.

To people far from the sphere of interior design, the idea of specially finished surfaces so that they look shabby may seem wild. However, the whole point is the right combination of grunge wallpaper with furniture and decor. Thanks to them, the interior of your home will become super trendy.

Trendy wallpaper 2020: “Primitivism”

Wallpaper 2020 is surprisingly diverse. There is a clear tendency to abandon pretentiousness in favor of simplicity and, if you will, primitivism.

An exception is cases when Neoclassic is chosen as a design style.

In fashion, wallpaper with a simple floral pattern in faded colors, reminiscent of pencil drawings. Continuing the theme of graphics, let’s say that the trend is wallpaper with geometric patterns applied by thin, barely noticeable lines.

Not a fan of pencil drawings? Then choose options with imitation of watercolor.

Now you know what modern wallpaper you better use in 2020. Our tips will allow you to create an unusual and stylish interior.