Wallpaper trends 2021: the latest ideas for modern wall decoration

Designers quite rightly call wallpaper “clothes for walls” – it is this material that allows you to create a special atmosphere of home comfort. Even today, when minimalism and laconicism reign in the field of interior decoration with their painted walls and a conservative attitude to decor, wallpapers enjoy unconditional privileges – and retain the right to a variety of color combinations and designs charming in their elegance.

In 2021, traditional wall decoration supporters will have plenty to choose from – designers have devoted enough time to wallpaper, and manufacturers have already presented new, very intriguing collections. It remains to determine what is closer to you – vintage sophistication or eye-catching boldness.

In the coming year, interior experts advise brands to vary the materials slightly – and therefore, in their range, you can see wallpaper for the living room, bedroom, nursery, bathroom, and even for ceiling decoration. However, all of them can quickly be brought to a common denominator – five key trends.

Floristry triumphs

Botany and the tropics – they certainly reign supreme in 2021. At the same time, preference is given to exotic: at interior exhibitions, they present collections of wallpaper with palm leaves, monsters, or very rare and little-known plants. Such a design looks incredibly impressive and, at the same time, natural: a tastefully executed drawing made on dense, high-quality material becomes an excellent opportunity to soften the coldish austerity of a modern interior or dilute the classics with a relaxed and stylish accent.

In the coming season, a lot of attention was paid to the size of the drawing. The designers’ decision is unambiguous: only a large, vertically elongated print that can play with the space is especially exciting.

All the subtleties of geometry

A geometric pattern can create real miracles with space. Whether you need to visually raise ceilings or make a room more spacious, give the room a precise interior rhythm, or provide the right backdrop for furnishings or accent details – the right ornament will easily cope with the task. This kind of variability allowed interior designers to include such a design in the list of current trends.

At the same time, it is worth mentioning one more nuance: the geometric ornament should be applied in the thinnest possible lines. No sweeping, thick, and overly expressive strokes – only a thin, graceful mesh, in which mesmerizing orderliness and depth are guessed. You can easily achieve absolute harmony by repeating this rhythm in the pattern on the carpet or decorative pillows.

Smooth metallic

Do not think that metal is appropriate only in a modern and high-tech interior – wallpaper trends for the coming season will easily break any patterns. After a lot of creative research, the designers made a remarkable discovery – a perfectly smooth material with a slight metallic sheen.

The most eye-catching solution in this design is monochrome – thanks to muted mercury overflows, it does not look catchy and excessive at all. Still, it creates a luxurious and mysterious atmosphere. However, if this seems too much to you, then you may well take a closer look at patterned wallpaper – it can be stripes, floral patterns, and incredibly sophisticated arabesques.

Marble effect

If it was previously believed that paper and vinyl wallpapers could not convey more complex natural textures, then modern technologies have made it possible to achieve perfection. In 2021, materials with a 3D effect entered the arena – and the goal was the drawing of natural marble. Today, they can be combined with everything from classics and art deco to minimalism and even a loft.

Designers today do not hide their love for wallpapers with a similar texture, but they are not alien to experiments. So, today you can find collections with imitations of various types of marble – statuario, calacatta, and even “Sahara” and “Marquina”. However, it is not forbidden to try solutions close in moods – such as onyx or travertine.

Speckled style

The discovery of 2021 was the so-called “spotted” prints. But in this case, we are not talking about leopards – everything is much more refined.

One of these solutions was the design of terrazzo – a Venetian seamless mosaic floor made of cement and lime with the addition of colored glass and stones. Wallpaper with this pattern looks elegant and moderately playful and allows you to transform the space, creating the right mood even in a small bathroom.

Another option is wallpaper with a Dalmatian print. It cannot be said that he looks catchy – however, one cannot deny him the presence of courage, freshness, and the very ease that minimalism style loves so much. An unconditional plus can also be called the compatibility of such walls with natural textures that are relevant today – from flax to wood and rattan.

Great news for those who prefer classic finishes: living room wallpaper is still trending alongside painted walls. If this design option is closer to you, you should take a closer look at the new collections of materials. This year, designers presented several solutions that allow you to set a precise interior rhythm and, at the same time, provide the necessary comfort:

  • A bit of botany. If the floral print continues to grab your attention, it’s worth staying in the tropics – monstera and palms are once again in favor of designers. Also, pay attention to the dimensions: the larger the drawing, the better.
  • Noble metallic. Wallpaper with a cool tint is a fashionable basis for an elegant interior in the spirit of modernity or the most modern version of neoclassicism.
  • Geometric pattern. The modern plexus of angular shapes on the wallpaper makes a mesmerizing impression. The essential prerequisite for design in 2021: the drawing must be applied in very thin lines.
  • Wallpaper with a 3D stone effect. In the coming season, the rocks’ natural beauty is becoming a benchmark: materials with patterns onyx, marble, and travertine help find the perfect balance between modernity and classics.
  • Flowers and textiles. In 2021, interior design is based on freedom of expression – so fans of styles such as French country and English will be able to find relevant materials for the interior of your dreams. When choosing a wallpaper with a floral pattern, give preference to volumetric textures: this finish looks more atmospheric.
  • Dalmatian and Terrazzo. Splash patterns have become one of the hottest wallpaper trends in 2021. Venetian colored tiles and black and white prints – both options will advantageously enrich the living room space.
  • Luxurious retro. In the new season, classics and art deco continue to favor wallpaper. An expressive pattern, dark tones, a little golden sheen will give the living room aristocracy and chic.

The laconic harmony of monochromatic painted walls gives the interior that very atmosphere of fashionable calm and restraint. However, we still want to see the bedroom, not just trendy but also cozy, warm, and psychologically comfortable. It is the wallpaper that can cope with this task best of all, and therefore the designers urge to use them in the design of the room boldly. And they even offer many exciting options:

  • a headboard with a large floral print combined with plain wallpaper;
  • exclusive frescoes and custom-made panels;
  • discreet and not too aggressive geometric ornament;
  • original art wallpapers (at the peak of popularity – abstract drawings of faces and figures);
  • floral vintage pattern on textured wallpaper.

If you cannot get rid of the thought that you need to decorate the kitchen with wallpaper, then this is the very temptation that you should succumb to. Moreover, the solutions proposed for 2021 are very interesting:

  • small geometric pattern – in contrast to the flat monochrome surfaces of the floor and the bottom of the walls;
  • accent walls with floral design;
  • wallpaper in sunny yellow tones or with a pattern of a similar tone;
  • exclusive options with a metallic sheen;
  • vintage and retro wallpaper.

Wallpaper in the bathroom? Why not! Today, manufacturers produce non-woven and vinyl-based materials with high moisture resistance, and therefore the possibilities for stylish finishes are expanding. At the same time, they are somewhat different from the key trends that characterize fashionable wallpapers for 2021 – and therefore, it is worth paying attention to the following options:

  • Light wallpaper with an abstract pattern. Perfectly combined with materials with luxurious texture – marble, onyx, travertine, and brass.
  • Monochromatic ornaments. A bathroom find, wallpaper dominated by dark colors and natural wood.
  • Colored dusting with a gradient. The optimal solution to visually enlarge the space of a small bathroom.
  • A bit of floristry. Dark or light background for colorful and pastel flowers, curls, and leaves will provide just the right level of chic.
  • Dominoes. Wallpaper in black and white is an opportunity to set any interior rhythm.
  • Ombre. The surface with a smoothly stretched color transition is one of the small revolutions in interior design 2021.

Wallpaper on the ceiling – is a trend or not?

In the 60s-70s of the last century, wallpapering the ceiling was a widespread solution. However, with the advent of new ceiling coverings and the development of painting and whitewashing technologies, the trend gradually faded away. However, in 2020, designers remembered this technique and are now very categorical: wallpaper on the ceiling is one of the most relevant trends for the next few years.

At the same time, interior experts suggest leaving in the past both the use of wallpaper strips according to the principle of “what was left after gluing the walls”, and the option of pasting the ceiling with light monochrome wallpaper, characteristic of that time. Today, such a finishing option has been turned into a special art – and its connoisseurs can safely look at the following solutions:

  • Clear geometric patterns. It can be either ornament made of angular figures or exquisite arabesques. A prerequisite is that the drawings must be drawn with very thin and even lines. This technique allows you to visually increase the height of the ceiling and emphasize the interior rhythm.
  • Fabric wallpaper. Coverings with the texture of jacquard, linen, silk, and velvet look impressive and expensive, making them an excellent solution for classics and art deco.
  • Frescoes and 3D canvases. Exclusive ceiling design option that allows you to add uniqueness to the interior. As a rule, such wallpapers are made to order and glued using a particular technology.
  • Glass fiber. A fantastic material, which includes glass filaments that create a framework for particles of clay and quartz. A distinctive feature of these wallpapers is their spectacular texture, which makes the interior even more enjoyable. Besides, you can even repaint the wallpaper, thereby refreshing the atmosphere in the room.
  • Liquid wallpaper. The most current solution for the ceiling. The material is a dry mixture that, when solidified, acquires a specific color and texture. Thanks to this, you can use them even on not too flat and multi-level ceilings and in rooms with many protrusions.

Wallpaper remains one of the most popular finishing materials and is unlikely to lose its relevance soon. Feel free to use your favorite textures, colors, and patterns for interior decoration – and you can be sure that you will not find a design similar to yours.

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