Wallpaper trends 2022: the newest ideas for a stylish wall decoration

The wallpaper is one of the main elements that define the interior design. Furthermore, it serves as a background for other constituent parts and plays an essential role in the overall environment. Although it is not the only option when it comes to wall decoration, it is still widely applied and comes every year with new variations. 

If you choose to go this way, it means you are looking for new wallpaper ideas. This is why we are here. We will provide you with the latest trends in this sense, assisting you in such matters as the most popular wallpaper designs in 2022. Get ready for a lot of inspiration and stylish ideas to stay up-to-date and make a statement. 

There is no doubt that every room requires special attention in this sense, leading to particular variations of the wallpaper options. Nevertheless, all these trends can be brought together by referring to these concepts: nature, originality, glamour, vintage, minimalism. Thus, the following wallpaper trends have emerged:

Nature-inspired designs

The concept of nature has penetrated the 2022 trends, leading to various designs that reflect the beauty of nature. Due to the richness of its elements, there are lots of possibilities in this sense. Take a look at the following options and get inspired:

  • Bird design for a touch of freedom. You can opt for bolder or softer colors depending on the effect you want to achieve. Either way, this pattern will enrich your room with new colors and emotions;
  • Leopard print for a classic perspective. You probably think that it is an out-of-date design. We would like to convince you of the contrary. If you opt for a leopard’s dots-like design, particularly black dots on a white background, you cannot go wrong;
  • Forest mystery for a calm atmosphere. Consider neutral-colored wallpaper with a forest print for a stunning effect. It should be noted that the choice itself is bold and you do not have to add too much color. This pattern will fit perfectly in a bedroom by setting a calm environment; 
  • Tropical design for a fresh environment. This trend has not left the stage yet. Furthermore, the richness of tropical elements offers various options when it comes to wall decoration, starting with palms and reaching interestingly shaped leaves.

Original designs

An unusual way of making your walls a point of interest is by opting for original designs. We prepared a list of exciting ideas you could refer to for a unique wallpaper. Scroll through it and get inspired.

  • Terrazzo. This pattern that consists of mineral chips on a neutral background will fit perfectly a minimalist style and bring a new splash of color to the environment. You can opt for various colors and contrasts depending on the effect you want to achieve;
  • Trompe l’oeil. This type of wallpaper has been popular lately since it perfectly imitates raw materials. They offer your room a realistic look by keeping it simple due to the appropriate color choice;
  • Concrete imitation. Consider a concrete imitation wallpaper if you want to complete an industrial style or bring raw elements into your room. The realistic print will surely make a statement.

Glamour effect

One of the main ways of achieving a glamour effect with the wallpaper is by opting for a marble design. You can consider various colors and patterns to match your style. Furthermore, marble tends to combine perfectly with wood elements, thus, balancing the environment. 

It should be noted that marble wallpaper is better applied to one wall only and paired with a neutral background. Even the simplest setting can be enhanced by adding a touch of glamour through a marble accent wall.

Art Deco style

The symbols of the 20s have made a comeback. You can firmly integrate them into your wallpapers and be sure that you will be in trend. The only limit is your imagination. Therefore, we encourage you to make bold steps in this sense and opt for bright colors and various shapes. To fit this particular style, consider the next elements:

  • Geometric patterns of different kinds;
  • Sharp lines and dynamic shapes;
  • Bold colors, such as red, gold, and black.

Minimalist style

If you want to keep it low-key and fit a minimalist style, opt for a simple design for the wallpaper. Make sure that it does not blur the picture but balance the environment. There are various options you can consider. We would like to draw your attention to the basics:

  • Neutral-colored wallpaper for a perfect background;
  • Geometric forms on a plain design ;
  • Chevron design on a neutral color.

The wallpaper is the easiest way of decorating the walls due to its availability from all points of view. When it comes to the living room, be sure that there are options for any style and preference. The same refers to the new trends that are ready to meet your standards and lead to an up-to-date result. Following the row of ideas regarding the 2022 trends from a general perspective, the next wallpaper trends for the living room emerged:

  • Bring in texture. Opt for textured wallpaper for a stunning effect and make your walls a point of interest. It should be noted that this wallpaper has to reflect a single texture in the same color for a balanced look;
  • Stick to geometry. It is not a secret that geometric forms have become an essential element within the 2022 trends. We suggest you integrate them into your living room by opting for unusual wallpapers in this sense, including various geometric patterns;
  • Memphis style. If you like bright colors and bold shapes, this is the right time to opt for them. The Memphis style, known for its combination of bold shades of color and patterns, is back on the stage. Consider a wallpaper of this kind and bring positivity into your room;
  • Animalistic inspiration. Although it is not something new, this particular design is becoming more popular. Opt for repetitive patterns that depict animals and offer your room a new sparkle;
  • Renaissance. Consider an original wallpaper inspired by the Renaissance. The realistic patterns will bring in a touch of elegance to the environment. It should be noted that such wallpaper will suit a more conservative setting.

A personal space requires a unique approach regarding the wallpaper that would meet your standards of comfort and beauty. Nevertheless, we are sure you would like to stay up-to-date in this sense as well. Therefore, we prepared a list of the latest ideas for original wallpapers that will bring harmony and style into your bedroom.

  • Romantic style. Consider soft wallpapers with floristic patterns for a Romantic atmosphere. It should be noted that soothing colors and repetitive patterns should be considered for a calm and pleasant environment;
  • A splash of green. Bring nature into your room and offer it a touch of freshness with bright green wallpapers. Consider leaf patterns in this sense for an interesting look and refresh your walls;
  • Bring in freedom. Opt for bird patterns for your wallpaper in neutral and calm colors. The soothing shades will preserve the comfort of your bedroom, while the interesting patterns will offer freshness and softness;
  • Modern look. Stick to the textured wallpapers for a unique appearance and neutral colors, particularly gray, to keep it simple. Such a combination will fit a modern bedroom perfectly and balance the contrasts.

There are various ways of decorating the kitchen walls. Wallpaper is one of the most popular alternatives and a perfect solution for any style. If you opt for wallpapers, you have nothing else to do than scroll through the list of the latest trends in this sense that we prepared for you.

  • Keep it simple. Plain wallpaper is the perfect option for the kitchen. Consider such neutrals as gray or beige. If you want to add a new splash of color, stick to dusty blue, emerald, or mustard;
  • Textured wallpaper. Consider various designs in this sense for your kitchen walls, such as concrete, marble, or stone. Either way, it will bring a touch of elegance and refresh the walls;
  • Mural wallpaper. This is the perfect option for a small kitchen if you want to enlarge it and bring in something new. Although you can opt for various designs, we suggest you avoid real photographs with bright colors. Stick to something simple yet interesting;
  • Bring in nature. Offer your kitchen a fresh environment by opting for nature-inspired elements, such as flowers, leaves, birds. Consider a balanced color combination so as not to suppress the other kitchen parts.

You probably wonder if it is possible to decorate the bathroom walls with wallpaper without getting it wet. It is possible due to modern materials used in this sense that are not prone to absorbing the water, such as vinyl. We would like to draw your attention to the latest wallpaper trends for this room:

  • Tropical environment. Consider tropical patterns, such as leaves, in both bright and neutral colors to offer your bathroom a special atmosphere. Furthermore, water is associated with such motives, leading, thus to a perfect combination within this room;
  • Bring in the wilderness. Add a new sparkle to your monochromatic bathroom by opting for animal patterns for the wallpapers;
  • Terrazzo style. This trendy style can be easily applied to the bathroom wallpaper as an alternative to tiles. It will offer the room a new splash of color and enrich the environment; 
  • Marble wallpaper. Marble is a classic, and you will not go wrong with such an option. Furthermore, it is a perfect alternative to marble tiles, and, considering the vinyl surface, it will have almost the same reflecting effect.

As you have probably noticed, the 2022 wallpaper trends integrate the beauty of nature, originality, elegance, and the combination of old and new values. The trends in this sense for every room in part emerged from the earlier mentioned concepts by offering two directions: you can either stay simple or go bold. Nevertheless,  you should consider such aspects as the general picture of the room, your style, and the effect you want to achieve. It should also be noted that most of these trends do not plan to get out of date any time soon, thus, keeping you up to date for a long period if you decide upon one of them.

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