Go-to Wallpaper Trends You Should Try in 2023

Far from grays, repetitive patterns, and minimalist designs, the new wallpaper trends see beauty in inspiring tones, shapes with a story to tell, and designs matching your personality. Sticking to eco-friendly materials, giving up on simplicity, and seeking inspiration in nature, the wall decoration goes beyond the designers’ expectations in 2023. Let’s discover what this chapter in interior design trends has to say without further ado!

Interior design trends are an interpretation of the world. Since today we deal with climate change, people have finally adapted to the post-covid era, and the international situation makes us seek peace and comfort at home; the new trends cannot help but be influenced by the exterior factor. Thus, the following wallpaper trends have emerged:

Biophilic Roots

Eco-friendly materials and nature-traced motifs are the top wallpaper trend in 2023. Replace the usual wallpaper materials with sustainable and naturally textured ones, such as bamboo or organic grasscloth. As for the theme, seek inspiration outside. Give natural colors, especially greens, and botanical patterns, a thought, be it repetitive drawings or murals.

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Large-scale Patterns

The times of small repetitive patterns have passed long ago. Now, huge and show-stealing shapes are the new favorite. The color choice is yours, while the large patterns will stand out either way. Making a statement is the main goal behind such a design, and wallpapers meant to spruce up the space visually are definitely a no-fail purchase. 

Funghi Design

Like after the rain, the mushrooms are spreading over the interior design. The funghi patterns are the beloved Biophilic elements for wallpaper in the new season. Traced to the desire to elevate the interior through these magical patterns, like out of a fairytale, the charming mushroom wallpapers perfectly suit the playful mood in a kid’s room and the formal ambiance of a state-of-the-art living area with architectural furnishing. 

Maximalist Wallpaper

The time of bold and unexpected is here. Regardless of what style you design your space in, don’t forget to add a bit of your personality through the brightest colors and shapes you have always wanted to share. There is no limit to expressiveness, and you are in charge of what of a statement your interior will make.

Welcoming Tones

To your interest, if you are a true devotee of neutrals, neutral shades are still to be found in the new season. They will probably always be. What’s for sure, they have changed. Now, warm and calming neutrals with pastels leading are the best wallpaper color alternatives to the fashionable bright and bold, as they say.  

Wallpaper Colors 2023

Before sharing the main wallpaper colors this season, we want to say a few words about the overall trending colors. They are meant to suit any liking – the unchangeable love for timeless neutrals, the desire to tell your story with the new bright pops of color, and the respect for what nature provides us with. More on the subject in our updated article on the latest color trends

Now, back to wallpaper color. Here is what designers expect to strike in the new season with undertones to suit the preferences of those ready to take on challenges and those who like sticking to standards.

  • Purple shades. This year’s leading color shares the essence of the current transition in the design and fashion world from minimalist to maximalist, acting simultaneously as a source of serenity, hope, and change;
  • Pastel shades. Watery color variations that reflect the natural values in the full bloom, with pastel blues and greens at the top;
  • Warm shades. In the hope of making your space seem inviting and radiate a cocoon feel that surrounds your sleeping, eating, and relaxing areas with a sense of escape, the earthy tones with warm undertones, among which brown, orange, terracotta, and others alike are at your disposal;
  • Bright shades. From one-tone to rich combinations of rainbowy shades, enliven the color scheme with statement wallpaper; the best part is that you can go with any color you want.

Wallpaper Patterns 2023

Be ready to find patterns you have already met in the previous seasons, yet, with a twist, timeless options professionals won’t get tired of even in the new season, and new and unmatchable wallpaper patterns for personalized designs. This is what experts predict to be trendy in 2023:

  • Botanical motifs;
  • Geometric and abstract patterns;
  • Floral ornaments;
  • 70’s bold shapes;
  • Waves;
  • Animal print.

Mural Wallpaper

The range of design solutions is wide, and so is the list of spaces where you can apply this type of wallpaper. Inspired by painting landscapes, the wild outside world, and real-life images, the chosen mural will give new aesthetic value to the living area, bedroom, dining room, kitchen, and bathroom.

Real-like Trompe L’oeil

Enlarge the room, add visual appeal, and maximize the uniqueness of your next makeover with a fantastically real-looking Trompe L’oeil wallpaper. The design works especially well in edgy interiors with modern furniture. 

Linear Patterns

Witch black doodles or real pieces of art on a white background. Neutral enough to suit any color scheme and intriguing enough to draw your attention as fast as you enter the room, and this is the point – to stand out. 

Ceiling Wallpaper

Don’t underestimate the effect of wallpaper on the ceiling. Basically, the main rule is to ensure the chosen color and pattern don’t overwhelm the ambiance. Ideally, whitewashed walls work better as partners, yet perfect light conditions can make the most of any situation. Be prepared for a slightly lower-ceiling effect, yet it will not be a problem for relatively high-ceiling rooms.

Ombre Coloring

In terms of color, ombre wallpaper with a smooth transition from one color to another, particularly pastels, is the new leading wallpaper trend. Easy to apply to any room, flexibly adapting to any decor, and a go-to background for any style. If you find it hard to choose between the available wallpaper options, definitely go with this one. The variety of color combinations will suit any taste, while the design will not let you go out of trend.

Lemon Print

When life gives you lemons, make them an inspiration for your wall decoration. Always look at the bright side as these lemons do in the kitchen and dining area, filling the room with energizing particles of joy and hope and whispering: “Enjoy the little things.”

Faux Texture

Have you always wanted to decorate your walls with natural stone or brick, yet it seemed too expensive and implied plenty of effort? Now, you can easily fulfill your dream design with quality wallpaper that replicates real-like stone texture. You won’t see a difference between authentic marble, terrazzo stone, and brick and their fabulous interpretation through the wallpaper. Well, unless we speak about the price, which is much lower for the paper alternative. 

Metallic Murals

The shiny metal-effect wallpaper also sparks designers’ interest this season. When interacting with the light, the playful colors that reveal themselves from under the seemingly one-toned wallpaper are of the most impressive beauty; this added to the mural design shows the real-like patterns from different perspectives.

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