Wedding decor trends 2021: colors, styles and more ideas

Wedding decor trends 2021: colors, styles and more ideas

A wedding is always a bright and significant event in our life. Whatever upheavals our world experiences, marriages have been, are, and will be. And it is quite natural that each of us wants to make it truly magical, memorable, and flawless in every detail – from the shade of the boutonniere to the color scheme of textiles for the festive table.

Of course, the problematic situation with the coronavirus makes its own adjustments to the organization of such celebrations. The so-called welcome boxes with hand sanitizers, masks, and charming cards for social distancing, moving the celebration outdoors, special serving snacks and dishes that require minimal contact – all this allows you to bring your dear and loved ones together even in this challenging time. Wedding organizers still note the keen interest of brides and grooms in the marriage’s fashionable design – and have already presented the wedding decor trends for 2021. Let’s discover them.

Boho wedding

Boho-chic is dreaminess, serenity, and a feeling of complete harmony with the environment without losing your individuality. Not surprisingly, this style of wedding decoration has become even more popular. Every element of the wedding décor contributes to a balanced setting, creating a light and delightful atmosphere. It is for boho that the following techniques and principles are characteristic:

  • Furniture made only from natural materials. It is the intricate knots, lines, and textures created by nature itself that will give your wedding decor such a natural chic. Unpolished wood tables and benches, rattan and bamboo chairs and armchairs – order in advance as the demand for such a design is unprecedented.
  • Green decoration. Bouquets and compositions of pampas grass and dried flowers will create an incredibly sophisticated and, at the same time, relaxed atmosphere. Freshly cut plants are, of course, permissible – however, beautiful but overly luxurious roses, lilies, and orchids will have to be abandoned in favor of graceful and modest wildflowers.
  • Exquisite weaves. Macrame draperies are a real hit of boho wedding, which came to us from the 70s. Complementing them with garlands of tiny bulbs, you can create a truly magical corner for a celebration.
  • Natural muted shades. Nothing bright and “electric” – only pastel, lifelike colors that allow you to fit the celebration into the environment organically.
  • Tents. A 2021 boho wedding is romantic and comfortable. The first will turn out by itself, and the second will be answered by cozy structures made of textiles of calm light colors.

As for the table setting, everything here is effortless – and thus charming. Tableware made of wood and snow-white ceramics, glasses made of plain glass, linen napkins, and tablecloths will allow guests to feel your warmth and hospitality.

In the style of Japandi

Japandi is an incredibly trendy mix of Japanese minimalism and Scandinavian style. At one time, designers saw a lot in common in them – this is a warm neutral palette, a craving for minimalism, simplicity and functionality, natural materials, handmade furniture and decor, and, of course, living plants—the striking similarity and contrast of small nuances allowed to combine them into a completely new style. And if you follow trends – why not arrange your wedding in this way? Moreover, this is much easier than recreating a classically lush design: it is enough to focus on just a few aspects:

  • Stylish invitations. A particular chic – messages on textured or craft paper. At the same time, pure white, although not wholly rejected, is not a priority either. It is much more interesting to try to choose a non-trivial natural shade and a beautiful font and complement the invitation text with a charming quote.
  • Variety of textures and patterns. Abstract, ethnic and geometric ornaments, linen and cotton textiles, ceramic and wood dishes – all this creates an atmosphere of home warmth and a sense of spiritual unity.
  • Modest flower arrangements. At a Japandi-style wedding, you can hardly see lush bouquets and a riot of colors, the airy lightness of dried flowers and meadow grasses, cotton, and heather provide the necessary sophistication. The podium for the cake is designed in the same way – with the flowers inside the acrylic blocks on which the main dessert of the evening is set.
  • Restrained contrasts. Such a wedding’s palette is entirely predictable – it is matte white, beige, pearl gray, and dusty pink tones. All the more impressive in such an environment are dark brown and black sconces and ceiling lamps, creating a discreet but rhythmic accent.

Inspiration of French country (Provence)

If you do not like fashionable laconicism and excessive restraint of stylish options for wedding decoration, it’s time to think about a French country style wedding! Perhaps it is difficult to find another such direction in which the abundance of decorative details was so warmly welcomed. It is not surprising that romantic and feminine brides in 2021 demonstrate a tender affection for such a celebration design, based on the following principles:

  • Pastel colors. The style, which came from the south of France, categorically does not accept sharp and bright shades. Preference is given to milky, beige, pale green, pale yellow, muted pink, and, of course, lilac and lavender.
  • As many colors as possible. Provence weddings are traditionally held outdoors, so there is no limit to the floral decor. Arches braided with curly roses, bouquets of eustomas and peonies in graceful vases, flower garlands and cascades hanging over the tables, boutonnieres on the backs of chairs, and wreaths complementing the image of bridesmaids – all this turns the venue into a real fragrant oasis.
  • A variety of dishes. Serving in the French country style is a real symphony, including glasses made of colored glass, transparent mini-cloches for desserts, stands made of woodcuts, miniature cages with plants, and photos in ceramic frames and metal hanging lanterns above the tables.
  • And some more lace. In this case, it’s not even about the bride’s dress – using lace decor, you can create a truly airy and atmospheric design. Napkins and tablecloths are sheathed with it, candles and flower arrangements are tied, and chairs are decorated.

In the plant kingdom

What designers call biophilic today has revolutionized wedding decor. If you do not have the opportunity to arrange an outdoor celebration, you can consider this trend as salvation. The main design element, in this case, will be plants in all types and manifestations – namely:

  • voluminous tubs with tall, most often tropical plants;
  • placement of small succulents on all horizontal surfaces;
  • decoration of the table and podium for the cake with flexible curly shoots;
  • lush garlands and cascades of freshly cut plants.

Most impressive of all is the fact that the designers propose to combine all this natural splendor with art deco solutions – muted dark shades and gilding, geometric installations, mirrors in spectacular frames, luxurious candles, and textured textiles like velvet.

Return to the roots: a rustic wedding

Another trendy solution of 2021, proposing to return to the roots – and celebrate the wedding in a house in the village. An idea like this is a great way to create a relaxed atmosphere for communication with friends and family, especially since the decor rules for a rustic celebration are very entertaining:

  • as much wood as possible everywhere – this applies to furniture, accessories, and the hall for the celebration itself;
  • arrangement of flower arrangements on wooden beams above the table;
  • vintage food carts and candy bars;
  • forged decor and metal lamps;
  • garlands with small bulbs woven into decorative wreaths and hoops.

As if accidentally thrown in unexpected places, the elements of village life will add charm to such a wedding – these are old stepladders, wicker baskets with spicy herbs, and glass jars with wildflowers.

The colors of weddings in 2021 allowed us to go incredibly far from the usual white and cream. We bring to your attention color combinations that have become a real hit in decorating wedding venues:

  • Mint and green. The harmonies of soft and romantic green and the shade of forest foliage are proposed to be slightly diluted with brown, muted pink, and rose gold accessories.
  • Purple and caramel. An unobtrusively luxurious combination will be a real boon for a classic wedding, where you want to add something unusual to the decor.
  • Mustard and Champagne. The combination of two shades of yellow will set the tone for a boho or Japandi wedding.
  • Turquoise and shabby blue. A wedding celebration in cold colors is mysterious and charming. Add some silver accents, and you can be sure no one else will have this.
  • Terracotta and gold. A chic, rich tandem that designers propose to be complemented with turquoise and almond tones.

Wedding decor is a crucial element in the preparation of the celebration. The atmosphere of the wedding and the mood of those present in general depend on him. Take the time to design your event: with a serious attitude, you will create the perfect backdrop for your dream wedding.

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