Wedding Decor Trends 2023: Top Colors, Themes, and Decor Ideas

Wedding! What a magical word! A union of souls that puts the basis for a new start. We are sure you would like to celebrate such an event perfectly. Do you wonder what the latest tendencies for the wedding decor in 2023 are? Stay with us, and we will reveal to you the best colors, themes, and decor ideas for a wedding you will never forget. Whether you like to keep it traditional or want to go unusual, we are here to meet any expectations of yours and help you make the most of your celebration.

Wedding decor color is the first step you start with since most of the other elements will depend on that. The 2023 trends suggest a wide variety of colors you can opt for, starting with warm shades and reaching the cold ones. Therefore, we would like to draw your attention to the following ideas:

  • Warm tones. Go with dusty rose or ruby for a soft environment that would match any season you plan to have your wedding in, be it summer or autumn;
  • Nature-inspired hues. Consider peach, sand, or tan as a perfect alternative to white if you want to keep it simple yet original;
  • Metallic shades. Opt for such eye-catching details for a vintage effect, considering them for candle holders or chairs;
  • Dark tones. Go with deep blue, gray, and even black to bring in romance. It should be noted that such shades will work best for themed weddings, such as an Art Deco one.

A themed wedding will surely impress you and your guests, particularly an original one. This way, the wedding goes beyond boundaries and makes this special event look like out of a fairytale. There is no doubt that such a party will become a long-lasting memory. Take a look at the following most popular themes to try in 2023:

  • Rustic. Consider as many natural materials as possible and combine them with nature-inspired colors for an unusual setting. It would be perfect to set it outdoors;
  • Victorian. Opt for sophisticated decor elements, including bright yet soft colors for a romantic environment;
  • Modern. Consider lots of green elements, particularly plants, on a white background paired with trustworthy metallic accents;
  • Customized. Go with any theme you want to keep it original, such as Great Gatsby for an Art Deco effect, Disney for a fairytale atmosphere, Circus for a vintage style.

Decor plays an essential role in the overall picture of a wedding setting, starting with the layout of the tables and reaching the smallest details. Now that we have covered such aspects as colors and theme, it is time we speak about the decor itself. We prepared a list of the best decor ideas to try for your wedding in 2023. Take a look at it and get inspired!

Outside the Traditional Borders

The 2023 trends suggest a less formal approach to wedding decor. Consider a relaxed vibe and an outdoor setting with lots of greenery that makes you feel free and comfortable. Of course, there should be luxurious elements but only to remind you about the event. Opt for a fun environment that fits your personality and forget about traditions. You can even consider a themed party in your backyard, where the decor can be as simple as you want. The only rule is that it has to suit your preferences. Make this day about you two!

Bring in More Nature

As the 2023 trends suggest a more natural approach to decor, consider nature-inspired materials, colors, and shapes. Opt for wood, rattan, bamboo for the main units and sustainable materials for the decorative ones to fit a natural setting since nothing can be as successful at decorating a space the way nature is. It should be noted that such materials will match any style since they are flexible. There is no way of going wrong by bringing in more natural elements.

Blooming Decor

Besides the fact that flowers penetrated the 2023 design trends, such an approach to wedding decor will bring a blooming effect and enhance the picture. Consider natural flowers of various colors or in a particular theme and decorate with them as much as you want. As mentioned earlier, the picture cannot be spoiled by natural elements. If your wedding is a traditional one, opt for various colors to enrich the environment. At the same time, if you opted for a theme, go the same way with flowers and integrate them into the style.

Exotic Decor

The exotic theme is more and more integrated into the wedding setting. There is no wonder why. It is an easy way of bringing the exotic environment right inside your backyard if that is the space you opted for. Easy to improvise, interesting to experience. Consider large green plants, including blooming flowers, to decorate the table. Furthermore, you can set a beautifully arranged place in the same theme for taking photos.

Trendy Tableware for Any Style

We cannot speak about wedding decor and skip tableware. Of course, it has its own purpose, but the decorative aspect cannot be denied. Depending on the color and theme you opted for, the tableware has to match the particular aesthetics. As regards the latest trends, experts suggest a contrastive approach. You either go bold, keep it simple, or find a balance between those two. Let’s make it clear.

  • Simple design for the tableware, accompanied by greeneries to emphasize the naturalness of the setting;
  • In-between alternative by opting for a rustic style to keep it both natural and blooming;
  • Glamorous details, particularly gold ones, to bring a new sparkle and add a vintage effect.

Eco-friendly Decor to Make an Impact

The top design trend – the eco-friendly approach does not skip the wedding decor in 2023. If you want beautiful decor that would not affect in any way the environment, consider eco-friendly elements.

  • Reusable materials, such as glass which can be used again and again or resold;
  • Nature-inspired materials, such as wood, rattan, bamboo, cork, sisal, organic fabric;
  • Natural flowers instead of artificial ones;
  • Outdoor setting for maximum enjoyment of natural beauty.

Unique Wedding Arch

Wedding arches are a 2023 wedding must and an original design in this sense will only enhance their presence in your wedding setting. The 2023 trends suggest opting for metallic arches, such as gold ones, and decorating them with blooming flowers or greeneries. Either way, they will enrich the environment and emphasize the idea of the wedding. Do not go too extra and keep it simple for an aesthetic look.

Brighten the Place with Trendy Lighting

Nothing will emphasize the beauty of your wedding decor like appropriate lighting can. Depending on the particular setting, you can opt for various lighting sources. Consider the following options and stop at the one that suits you best:

  • Rainshower lights. It is a perfect option for the rustic style that will add elegance to the wedding setting, both outdoors and indoors, particularly in autumn;
  • Curtain of string lights. It will serve as an interesting background and add a new sparkle to the overall picture, being suitable both for outdoor and indoor settings and bringing in a fairytale vibe;
  • Neon signs. Consider personalized neon signs that will fit perfectly such settings as restaurants or backyards. Opt for minimal lighting level and metallic effect to keep it simple yet fascinating. 
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