What color kitchen cabinets with black granite countertops?

Among modern materials for kitchen and bar countertops, granite occupies one of the most prominent places. The combination of excellent aesthetic and excellent performance properties allows it to be used with kitchen cabinets of various designs and configurations.

However, those who prefer granite countertops face a rather difficult task – namely, selecting the color of kitchen cabinets. In the case of a stone of light and neutral shades, the chances of quickly finding the right tone are much higher, but what if you are irresistibly attracted by black granite? Even in this case, nothing is impossible. Let’s try to figure out which kitchen cabinet colors work best with black granite countertops.

Matching the color of the kitchen cabinets with black granite: what to look for

It is hardly worth saying that all kitchens are different, and the perfect color of a cabinet to match a black granite countertop is a purely personal question. And yet, some points will help you better navigate when choosing the correct shade, regardless of the kitchen’s design. Let’s take a closer look at them:

  • Pay attention to the tone of the veins. Veins on the granite surface can be pretty significant and vary in color from white and silver to reddish-brown. If you pick up furniture in the same palette, you will achieve that elusive harmony that distinguishes expensive interiors.
  • Don’t forget about balance. If you have chosen a black countertop, and no more elements in tune with it are expected in your kitchen, try to select the tone of the cabinets that is in harmony with the color of the base, furniture, or textiles as much as possible. In this case, this is an absolute necessity – otherwise, the granite will look gloomy and alien.
  • If you want brightness and contrast, think about it. Designers strongly do not recommend black granite countertops to the furniture of catchy, aggressive colors. However, this option is in principle possible if you add details in black.

Black granite countertops and kitchen cabinets: looking for the perfect match

So, your intentions to decorate the kitchen with a black granite countertop are still unshakable. Well, it’s time to start choosing the color of the kitchen cabinets. We bring to your attention shades that can become one hundred percent hit.


Black and white is a timeless combination, the perfection of minimalism, which is almost impossible to resist. In addition, absolutely no additional decorations are needed to combine white and black – however, the effect is stunning.

White glossy cabinets with a simple and straightforward geometry are best combined with a black granite countertop. By adding a nickel-plated finish here, you get a spectacular yet trendy combination that is equally attractive for minimalism, modern, and even high-tech.

Today, designers are increasingly advising using a combination of black granite countertops with white cabinets when shaping a kitchen island – this is a great way to transform it from a functional area into an expressive accent.


Not as straightforward as white and not as down to earth as brown, cream enchants with warmth and sophistication. Do not think that a black countertop for such kitchen cabinets will be rough: on the contrary, it is these fantastic shades that can soften the coldness and even some gloominess of black granite.

Designers consider the combination of dark countertops and cream cabinets to be a godsend for farmhouse, Italian, or Mediterranean style kitchen interiors. Plus, vintage wood furniture looks excellent in subtle and warm hues when paired with black granite, especially with a matte brown tile backsplash.


The ban on the combination of brown and black, perhaps, is also relevant for a particular dress code – but definitely not for a stylish interior. Brick, stone, ceramic tiles (plain or patterned) – any of these materials makes an excellent partner for black granite countertops, not to mention furniture in similar colors.

Interiors are particularly fond of combining black countertops with brown cabinets. Firstly, it looks very sophisticated, and, secondly, such a combination is very easy to fit into the interior of a kitchen in a modern, farmhouse, country, or Italian farmhouse style.


Black granite goes well with cabinets made of wood or any natural shades of wood. If you have managed to match stained glass furniture to the countertop, it will look truly luxurious. Still, the combination of laconic and open wood texture with dark stone work surfaces, nickel-plated finishes, and stainless steel appliances looks no less impressive – for those who choose a modern style.

Another reason to choose this combination is the mid-century style kitchen. Solid wood cabinets with dark wrought iron fittings look atmospheric when supplemented with a noble black stone countertop.


Gray kitchen cabinets can be paired with black granite countertops, a feature that is especially common in trendy, minimalist kitchens. To avoid unnecessary boredom and gloom that can appear due to the cold gray tone, designers recommend using an environment in the form of a black and white backsplash and glass surfaces that make the room brighter and more spacious.


Black on black – wouldn’t that be too dark? Far from it, if two critical conditions are met. First, for black cabinets, choose a granite countertop with coarse veins to avoid visual fusion. And second: the environment of the kitchen unit should invariably be light, especially if the room is not too large.

Stylish triad

Those who want to see more color in the kitchen and do not want to be limited to neutral and achromatic palettes can easily afford the bottom row of kitchen cabinets in trendy cold shades – for example, mint, sage, or navy blue. Combined with a black granite countertop, it will look incredibly stylish. However, the designers still insist: the top row of cabinets, in this case, should be white. Otherwise, it will not turn out too expressive.

Black granite countertops create a gorgeous and trendy contrast in the kitchen interior. Using them for both worktops and the kitchen island, you can easily give your kitchen a bold and contemporary look – especially if the color of the cabinets is precisely matched.

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