What color goes with black and gold: an ultimate guide with perfect color matchings

A space can be successfully enhanced with a single color if chosen appropriately, but nothing compares with an interior that embraces two shades that seem like they are meant to be together. That’s right! Black and gold are the interpretation of perfection itself; contrastive but within limits, simple yet outstanding, intriguing yet clearly luxurious. Each color in part can induce drama and sophistication as they are some of the most elegant hues. Quite impressive, isn’t it? Can you imagine the result of combining those two? Double grandeur! 

It seems like such a perfect pairing doesn’t need any other colors since the combination is enough to make a space look richer and warmer. Nevertheless, there is always room for improvement, and even such a bold mixture will gain from adding new hues. The question is: what color goes with black and gold? Luckily we have found the answer and would be happy to share it with you. Explore the following suggestions for perfect color matchings when it comes to black and gold!

Black, Gold & White

Black and gold – impressive pairing; black and white – classy combination; white and gold – no less appealing; quite a standout mix we have here. Just imagine a white background with luxurious black furniture and gold elements. One should note that black will also work as a background. A classic look like that will surely suit classic home offices, traditional kitchens, and bedrooms touched by the Vintage style. We cannot tackle such a subject and skip the beloved Art Deco style. A touch from every shade here and there and luxury will be the defining feature of your room.

Black, Gold & Gray

Another neutral color is another chance to show the charming combination of black and gold from another perspective. Gray can work with those two shades at the same level as white, although slightly directed more towards modern settings. A deeper feel of sophistication will instantly fill the room at the touch of a cold gray shade. Do you fancy an extravagant environment in your bedroom or living, a bold accent in the bathroom, or a note of luxury in the kitchen? Gray is at your disposal with various undertones.

Black, Gold & Blue

Ibiza blue, naval blue, teal; it is up to you which one to choose. All we can do is give you a few hints as regards the style. First of all, you should include white as well unless a bold combination that involves only black, gold, and blue is not draining for you. Secondly, pay attention to style. Consider teal for a modern neo-classic setting, bright shades of blue for an eclectic combination of traditional and new values, and naval blue for a royal environment. It is indeed a bold step, and if you decide to go this way, make sure that the result is not an amalgam of colors but a balanced mix of shades that interpret the values of a particular style.

Black, Gold & Red

Intriguing, dynamic, imposing, only strong features can be associated with such a mixture. A room decorated this way will not be less fascinating. Nevertheless, a neutral color is required in some cases to accompany it. If bold colors and extravagant decor are not tiring for your eyes, you have nothing else to do than go for it. Make an impressive statement with a red accent in your living or opt for a red background in your dining, making sure that the other contrasts are not suppressed by red.

Black, Gold & Green

If some of the previous options have slightly referred to Art Deco, this one fully interprets this style. A single sofa in dark green will enrich the space with finesse. Regardless of how much we like this combination, we cannot overlook the effect of lighter shades of green on the black and gold combination. The latter ones are without doubt sumptuous, but in particular cases, they may lack a little freshness. This is when light green is more appropriate than ever. A little piece of advice: there is not always the need for an entire makeover; a small indoor plant with large green leaves will keep you on the safe side.

Black, Gold & Purple

When it seems that there are no other colors to match a black and gold pairing, a new shade comes to the surface. Light purple walls are perfect for a black and gold bedroom. Once we switch to other rooms, we can speak about bolder accents. Bright purple pieces of furniture, a large amount of black, and various gold elements seem like the recipe for a contemporary living room or dining with notes of glamour. If the combination feels too bold, you can always choose a complementary neutral shade.

Black, Gold & Pink

This is probably the most unusual combination this far; a modern shade of dusty pink and a classic pairing of black with gold. It will surely add individuality to your interior. The designers have already fallen in love with this soothing pink, but a mixture of this kind exceeds any expectations. If bold statements and original designs are about you, a mix of glam and softness like that is your win option.

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