What color of kitchen cabinets goes well with the gray floor

Gray floors are a perfect solution for a kitchen. Shades of this beautiful color are especially relevant today, look beautiful, and … as most homeowners claim, they are entirely dirt-repellent. Moreover, today the floor in gray tones can be made of various materials – from hardwood to laminate, linoleum, porcelain stoneware, and concrete. A variety of tones, trendiness, and ease of implementation of any such ideas have led to the fact that today you can find gray floors in interiors of any style – from high-tech to classics.

However, don’t think that smoke and graphite floorings serve as a versatile backdrop for any furniture. In fact, its neutrality is by no means unconditional – and some designers even consider this color to be quite erratic. That is why choosing kitchen cabinets for a gray floor must be chosen more carefully: any spontaneous actions are unnecessary here. And if you’re wondering which kitchen matches the flooring in a similar color scheme, keep reading.

Kitchen furniture for a gray floor: revealing the secrets

If at first, we scared you too much with stories about the complexity of the gray color, now we hasten to reassure you: it is not so difficult to find kitchen cabinets that would look harmonious with such flooring. Before discussing the most popular color schemes, let’s clarify what you should start from – no matter what shade and texture your flooring is. So, let’s talk about the key selection secrets.

  • Don’t forget about color temperature. We talked about it more than once or twice – but what to do if this factor is critical for color combinations? And this case is no exception: the principle “cold to cold, warm to warm” is again relevant this time. And you probably already figured out how to act: choose yellowish and reddish tones for the warm gray shade of the floor (with a yellowish and brownish undertone); green and blue will suit the cold one (with a bluish undertone).
  • Consider the overall style of the interior. So, for the classics, a combination of a light gray floor with furniture of light and woody shades is characteristic, modern styles tend to more complex tones, and loft and industrial require darker kitchen cabinets – both in tone and for contrast.
  • Pay attention to the texture of the floor. The more complex it is, the more neutral the shade of the kitchen set should be. For very simple floors made of wood or plain tiles, almost any tone is suitable.
  • Look for the optimal balance of dark and light. Should kitchen cabinets be lighter or darker than the floor? In fact, there is no axiom here: it all depends on the intensity of the use of space. So, suppose you cook from morning to night in the literal sense of the word. In that case, a light gray floor with a darker set will become a beautiful and practical combination: spilled liquids and crumbs are less noticeable on a light floor, and “light bottom – dark top” can visually increase premises. In contrast, dark flooring and light-colored kitchen cabinets will look stylish and expensive – but require more cleaning.
  • Be careful with the characteristic colors. It would be rash to assume that a gray floor is neutral enough for colored kitchen furniture. On the contrary, the gray can play a cruel joke with it – making the shade of the facades more faded. If you are not sure that you can choose a rich shade correctly, it is better to try calm tones – among them, you will also find many contrasting ones.

Color of kitchen cabinets for gray floors: harmonious color solutions

Choosing the color of facades for the cabinets in a kitchen with gray floors, you can not worry about the excessive variety of options: if you look closely, you will understand that there are not many of them. Nevertheless, it would be too long to list them all, so we will focus on the most relevant, demanded, and harmonious ones.


Gray kitchen with gray floor – why not? Do not be afraid that such a solution will look impersonal and boring: firstly, there are accessories to revive the interior, and, secondly, you can easily experiment with shades. So, kitchen cabinets a couple of shades lighter or darker will create a precise rhythm, and their facades will look more textured. At the same time, light gray tones will make the room more spacious and filled with light and air, while dark ones will add intimacy and depth.

White kitchen cabinets with gray floors

Want a 100% hit when choosing kitchen cabinets for a gray floor? Then your choice is, of course, white kitchen cabinets. These facades create a lighter and more visually comfortable space, and the kitchen interior becomes more expressive and elegant. At the same time, the gray floor gives the effect of the so-called grounding – there is no feeling of floating furniture, and the contrast between white and gray looks more beautiful.

If you strive for perfection, try to match the white tone for the facade to the gray floor in terms of color temperature. So, pure white, snowy, ecru will suit a cold gray flooring, and magnolia, azalea, vanilla, and antique will suit a warm one. If you ignore this condition, nothing terrible will happen: after all, only a very attentive or sophisticated eye will distinguish the color temperatures of white. However, if you will do it, you yourself will understand how harmonious the interior turned out to be and how cozy the kitchen’s atmosphere is.


Will it be too dark? Not at all – if you know how to act correctly. In fact, black kitchen cabinet fronts look great with light gray floors. This contrast makes the furniture look bold and the floor lighter and airier. Loft fans especially love this combination – and they often counterbalance such a combination with an unpainted brick wall.

The advantage of this combination is the very property of black as such. Since it is considered achromatic, it allows you to use various tones and accessories and change them over time. Practicality is regarded as another advantage: the black kitchen always looks elegant and neat, and if you are afraid of splashes and prints, try satin paint, pleasing with a smooth surface and almost complete absence of traces.


Designers often disagree about brown furniture for rooms with gray floors. Some of them consider this combination too gloomy and disturbing. Others, on the contrary, believe that they can harmonize well with each other – especially if the texture is chosen correctly. And we tend to trust the latter!

Indeed, if the idea of combining brown furniture and a gray floor captivated you, try instead of flat monochrome facades to use cabinets with an open texture and shades of natural wood. Such a combination looks great in a loft, eco, and farmhouse style, and you are entirely free in the choice and use of wood texture – from Zebrano to light walnut.


Someone may object to the beige color since this shade belongs to the warm, and the kitchen cabinets of this color are unlikely to be in harmony with the flooring in gray tones, which often look coldish. On the one hand, there really is some truth in this, but let’s try to look a little wider at the combination of gray and beige.

In fact, designers are pretty supportive of combining a gray floor and a beige kitchen. In this combination, beige reveals itself as a cozy and discreet partner that can warm the flooring and make it even softer. However, this is possible only under one condition – if you use light gray shades. Combining beige with darker and colder floors is unacceptable, as the base surface will simply overpower light-colored furniture, making it look worn and unkempt.


If you feel like your kitchen lacks coolness, the combination of gray flooring and green kitchen cabinets will provide a refreshing ambiance. So, you can use both light and calm, as well as more complex and deep shades of green – including:

  • mint;
  • sage;
  • green tea;
  • pine needles;
  • olive;
  • khaki;
  • foliage;
  • teal (deep blue-green).

It is noteworthy that when choosing green kitchen cabinets for a gray floor, designers recommend paying attention to the flooring materials. Such furniture is most harmoniously combined with a light gray floor made of hardwood or porcelain stoneware with an imitation of such a texture. Satin and glossy tiles can significantly deplete the shade of green, and it is not at all recommended to use them with concrete surfaces since they are not even stylistically compatible.


If green seems too complicated for you and you want to add colors to the gray floor, feel free to choose blue! From dusty blue to sea blue, all shades of this wonderful color are perfectly combined with the calm gray tone of the flooring. However, try to combine blue cabinets and gray floors according to the principle of lightness: the darker the flooring, the deeper and richer the shade should be.

Hardwood and engineered wood, laminate and linoleum, tiles and quartz – all these materials allow you to create floors in various shades of gray. To complement or emphasize its aesthetics, choosing a suitable color for the kitchen cabinets is extremely important. However, we sincerely hope that thanks to our advice, you will succeed!

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