What color matches orange walls: 8 best combinations for a perfect result

Orange is a bold step when it comes to interior design. If you decided upon this color in the first place, or you have to decorate a room that had been already painted in this color, and you are looking for the perfect matching color, either way, there are always solutions if you pay attention to the appropriate advice. 

What do you say if we provide you with the best suggestions in this sense, and all you have to do is enjoy them and get inspired? Sounds nice, isn’t it? We prepared for you a list of the best color matching for orange walls for any room style. Go through it and get inspired!

Orange & white

White is a versatile color, which means that you can use it in different styles and for various decor elements. Regarding the color combination, there is no doubt that it will match an orange room perfectly. Furthermore, the neutral feature of the white color will stabilize the sparkle produced by orange. It will balance the picture and stability into the room. 

You are probably wondering how you can use this color. Here is the answer: you can consider white for such elements as furniture, accessories, curtains, or even an accent wall.

Orange & black

Black goes well with any color, where orange is not an exception. It should be noted that the combination of these colors will definitely make a statement as black does not stabilize the environment set by orange but even emphasizes it. 

Furthermore, we suggest you add a new color to this matching, for instance, white, to balance the contrast and make the transaction smoother. Consider black for furniture or any other decorative elements that would add a new point of interest.

Orange & gray

Gray is another neutral color that will match a vibrant orange perfectly. It will add stability to the interior design. Furthermore, this combination will lead to complex but interesting decor.

We suggest you play with different shades of gray, depending on the result you want to achieve. If you want to make your room brighter, opt for a light gray. At the same time, if you would like a colder environment, consider a dark gray.

Orange & gold

If you think that gold elements would be too extra for an already vibrant room, such as the one with orange walls, we are here to convince you of the contrary. Playing appropriately with gold units of decor, you can achieve an unreal result. Gold will underline orange and set a visible contrast.

Of course, such a combination is bold and would not fit every preference. But if you want to make a statement, consider this matching, and the result will not disappoint you.

Orange & green

These two juicy colors will work perfectly for a person looking for a vibrant environment. It will bring positivity into the room and will totally influence your emotional state. Nevertheless, this combination can be overwhelming due to its boldness. Therefore, we suggest you use at least one of them, in this case, it is the green one, only for details.

Consider green for such elements as cushions or flowers that will bring in contrast. Don’t forget to limit the number of such units as going too extra may spoil the picture.

Orange & blue

Blue will complement orange perfectly. You can use blue in a larger amount, but not in such a way that would cover the orange. Consider blue for furniture or other decorative elements.

It should be noted that blue will emphasize the vibrance of orange and lead to a bright room that will fill with positivity any constituent element. If you are used to such lively colors and are ready to make a statement, consider this combination.

Orange & pink

You are probably wondering how these two bold colors can be combined. We would like to assure you that it is possible and the result is wonderful. Of course, it is a bold step to match such bright colors, but the appropriate play with these shades can lead to a harmonious combination.

We suggest you choose pink for an accent wall or decorative elements in a room with orange walls. This combination will go well in your children’s room as these vibrant colors will reflect positivity.

Orange & yellow

These colors will lead to a perfect combination as they stand next to each other on the wheel of colors. It should be noted that yellow should be used with limit as an abundance of this color on an orange background may lead to a blurry picture.

We suggest you consider yellow for details, such as decorative elements that will emphasize the beauty of orange and limit its spread by balancing the style. 

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