What color to paint a house with a green roof: picking the best matching hues

The exterior look of your house plays as much an important role as the interior one. Usually, the paint color is the one to set the first impression. Besides the beloved neutrals, such as white, off-white, beige, gray, and even black, bolder accents are also integrated into the exterior of the house. Green has been gaining popularity in this respect lately, being often applied particularly to the roof. At first glance, an unusual trend, but the more you look at a house with a green roof, the more you fall in love with the result.

If finding companions for neutrals is not that hard, bold colors, such as green, require a thorough analysis before making the final decision. This is why we came up with a list of the best paint colors for the walls to pair with a green roof. One should note that shades of white, cream, brown, gray, and yellow are particularly relevant. Depending on the shade, you can either play down the bold green accent or emphasize it. One thing is to state something; another one is to prove it. Therefore, we will offer you clear examples of paint colors you can go with from the renowned paint manufacturers Sherwin-Williams, Behr, and Benjamin Moore.

White and Off-White for a contrast

White goes with any shade, fitting this list perfectly. Nevertheless, even a neutral like white can lead to various results due to its particular undertones. Do you fancy a sleek and bright effect? Pure white is at your disposal. Or maybe a softer look? You have nothing else to do than opt for an off-white shade. One should note that green paired with white is the recipe for a classic cottage look that resonates with the farmhouse appealing notes of charm. Additionally, consider a lighter shade of gray for the window frames and trim for an enhanced classic effect or add a bit of drama with a black accent. Let’s go back to shades of white and off-white!

  • Pure White SW 7005 by Sherwin-Williams – classic shade of white devoid of any particular undertones;
  • High Reflective White SW by Sherwin-Williams – very light shade of white with a sparkling surface that radiates purity;
  • Swiss Coffee 12 by Behr – warm shade of white diluted with a few particles of muted yellow and covered by a rather neutral surface;
  • Spun Cotton YL-W09 by Behr – warm white with pronounced yellow undertones and an impressive feel of depth;
  • Chantilly Lace OC-65 by Benjamin Moore – crispy white devoid of any soft notes that impresses with its icy scents;
  • Simply White OC-117 by Benjamin Moore – a seemingly simple shade of white devoid of any undertones, although a slightly perceived yellowish note is trying to penetrate the surface.

Cream to warm it up

This is another source of contrast for a green roof that comes with the bonus of softening the overall look. Window frames and trim painted in a similar color look no less impressive, even adding harmony to the result. From lighter to more intense cream shades, your house exterior will surely be elevated to another level, while the green roof will ensure that the house borders are well-preserved.

  • Creamy SW 7012 by Sherwin-Williams – light creamy shade with an airy effect and slightly noticeable pinkish scents;
  • Cream and Sugar SW 9507 by Sherwin-Williams – a rather coolish cream with a soft base merged with a few drops of melted sugar;
  • Heavy Cream PPU5-10 by Behr – an intense cream shade with noticeable pink undertones, accompanied by an airy effect;
  • Vanilla Cream ICC-10 by Behr – a very pleasant and soft shade of cream with rather yellowish and pinkish undertones;
  • Philadelphia Cream HC-30 by Benjamin Moore – warm cream with a soft beige base and appealing scents of calmness;
  • Natural Cream OC-14 by Benjamin Moore – cool shade of cream devoid of yellowish scents, although penetrated by soothing particles of softness.

Brown to set a balance

No wonder brown works so well with green; they are both inspired by nature, and their pairing is nothing else but a replication of natural beauty. When combined for the house exterior, they lead to a rustic result: a classic cabin full of inviting finesse. Don’t rush on going immediately with dark brown; also consider light shades of brown or those with yellow, red, or orange undertones. When it comes to details, opt for white trim for a contemporary result and a similar green shade to preserve the rustic effect.

  • Sun Bleached Ochre SW 9011 by Sherwin-Williams – light brown with rather orange undertones and an impressively soothing base;
  • Cordovan SW 6027 by Sherwin-Williams – dark brown with deep burgundy notes that fills the color with appealing scents;
  • October Leaves S210-7 by Behr – earthy shade of brown, impressively intense and merged with a few particles of orange;
  • Japanese Koi P210-7 by Behr – a bright shade of brown with a slightly soothing base and extremely noticeable orange notes;
  • Barrel Brown 2098-10 by Benjamin Moore – dark brown devoid of undertones with a stately appearance;
  • Fallen Leaf CSP-330 by Benjamin Moore – earthy brown with a pleasant warm base, although not devoid of cool notes.

Gray for a stately look

Almost any shade of gray would work with a bold contrast like green. It all depends on the wanted effect. Consider a lighter shade to offer your green roof a modern feel or darker ones to add a bit of drama. Keep it slick by choosing a slightly different shade of gray for the window frames and trim, or consider white to add visual interest.

  • Earl Grey SW 7660 by Sherwin-Williams – neutral shade of gray devoid of any undertones;
  • Silverplate SW 7649 by Sherwin-Williams – light gray penetrated by coolish notes;
  • Catwalk N550-7 by Behr – very dark gray, resembling a neutral shade of black;
  • Extravagance MQ5-1 by Behr – a shade slightly lighter than the previous one;
  • Black Ink 2127-20 by Benjamin Moore – very dark gray with a slightly soothing surface;
  • Ice Fog CSP-575 by Benjamin Moore – crispy shade of light gray penetrated by a few particles of blue.

Yellow for a splash of vibrance

Yellow is a classic partner for a green roof, defining the commonly known cottage look. Bold yellow may seem too eye-catching, while a pale variation may fade into the background. Where do we stop then? It depends on the surroundings. You should make sure that your house stands out, considering such backgrounds as the greenery in summer, crispy white in winter, rich yellow in autumn, and bold accents in spring. Add white or green for the window frames and trim, and your fairytale house is ready.

  • Sunny Veranda SW 9017 by Sherwin Williams – light yellow with a pleasant honey note and soothing effect;
  • Upbeat P300-5 by Behr – pale shade of yellow with intense undertones;
  • Sundance 2022-50 by Benjamin Moore – light yellow enriched with an airy effect.
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