What color walls go best with the brown floor: 7 stylish combinations

Brown is a common color for the floor when it comes to interior design. Besides its practical features, it is easy to combine with other colors and match perfectly with any room design. Nevertheless, when it comes to color combinations, there are particular aspects that have to be taken into account when you are looking for the best color match for your brown floor. 

We would like to provide you with an array of stylish ideas on how to combine the color of your walls with a brown floor, pointing out the best options by emphasizing their peculiarities and things that you should consider when making this decision. We promise that you will not get bored but informed and, at the same time, inspired for a new change in your interior design. 

Starting point: aspects to be considered

  • Brown undertones. Most of all, brown floors cover particular warm undertones. Red or orange can be mentioned in this respect. Why is this important? The undertones may point to the direction you should take when it comes to choosing the wall color. 
  • Floor lightness. This feature influences the amount of light that is offered to the room, affecting, thus, the environment itself and the room decor. A particular choice of color for the walls may reduce or add to the effect played by the floor.

Brown floor & light walls

Brown stands for earth and stability, which explains its use for the floor. As this color is a dark one, it implies the use of a lighter shade in combination to establish a balance. If you would like to go all-natural further, we suggest you opt for a light shade of green. At the same time, such a neutral color as beige would match perfectly brown floors with red or orange undertones, emphasizing the coziness offered by the floor color. 

Brown floor & cream walls

Cream refers to neutral colors, which means that it would go perfectly with a brown floor. It should be noted that it has a yellow undertone, which adds coziness to the environment. We suggest you consider this color for walls if your furniture is gray. You are probably wondering why. Here is the answer: the brown floors and gray furniture need a new sparkle to bring comfort into the room. This is when cream walls take the scene. 

Brown floor & tan walls

Tan is a pale shade of brown. If you think that using another shade of the same color will blurry the picture, we want to convince you of the contrary. First of all, tan is a very bright tone of brown. Secondly, it belongs to the same color but in a lighter shade, thus, adding harmony to the interior design. Nevertheless, we suggest you consider this color if your floor is covered by a dark brown color. This way, there will be a visible contrast between the two shades.

Brown floor & light gray walls

Brown is rich in appearance as this color offers warmth to any room. Therefore, we need a colder color to set a balance. A good example in this sense is light gray. It should be noted that using a light gray for the walls requires particular decorative elements, which can also be brown. All this combination of colors and decor units will offer the room a touch of elegance within a minimalist style.

Brown floor & royal blue walls

If you want to bring elegance into your room by using a vibrant option in this sense, consider royal blue. First of all, it goes well with wood flooring and it is the best color choice for setting a classical ambiance. One more time, such a combination will bring you back to nature as these colors are to be met often together in nature. Would you like to feel the strength of the coasts and the fresh breeze of the sea in your home? You have nothing else to do then combine the above-mentioned colors.

Brown floor & pale yellow walls

As mentioned earlier, most brown floors may have a yellow undertone, which means that yellow will match perfectly this color. Nevertheless, not all yellow shades would match brown. Therefore, we suggest you consider a pale yellow. It will refer to the existing yellow undertone and form a harmonious combination with the brown floor. Furthermore, a pale yellow supposes a mixture between yellow and gray, which brings us back to natural colors.

Brown floor & taupe walls

Taupe is a combination of brown and gray, which will work in harmony with the brown floors and even add a little bit of contrast due to its lighter shade. Furthermore, this bright tone of color could bring brightness into your room, which is a great opportunity to offer it another look as the brown floor tends to make it seem darker.

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