What color walls go with gray kitchen cabinets: 8 perfect gray color combinations

Gray is undoubtedly one of the most used colors within interior design. Practical, neutral, balanced, and versatile, this shade fits perfectly any style and offers any decor a contemporary look. Although it is flexible and works well with various shades, a slight mistake can spoil the picture. Therefore, it requires a serious approach so that the pairing color complements the gray shade. 

The kitchen is a perfect place to play with various mixtures of gray and other colors. Whether you want to keep it simple, go bold or find a balance in between, we are here to assist you with a bunch of practical and stylish suggestions. Let’s discover the best wall color combinations for gray kitchen cabinets!

3 aspects to consider in advance

  • The gray undertones. Relying on the particular undertones of your kitchen cabinets, whether warm or cold, you can pick a particular color that will complement the initial effect or shape it in any way;
  • The lighting. This aspect plays an essential role in how the combination of gray and another color will look like. Make sure that your choice will not lead to a too dark effect or the opposite;
  • The overall style. You have to decide from the start which style you will go with and stick to it, even when it comes to color. Nobody canceled eclectic combinations, although it does not imply referring to any pairing possible.

Gray on gray to keep it simple

As common as it seems, combinations of various gray undertones are welcome in a contemporary setting. There is no way of going wrong if pairing two different shades of gray since they will complement each other perfectly. 

Nevertheless, consider an appropriate play with colors. Opt for lighter shades of gray if your kitchen cabinets are of deep gray. The same goes with cold gray shades that have to be combined with light, even softer, undertones to ensure the integrity of the interior design.

Gray & yellow for a balanced effect

The colors chosen by Pantone in 2021 continue to dominate the latest tendencies of interior design. There is no doubt that such a combination will fit perfectly a kitchen. Whether you go with a bolder or softer shade, be sure that yellow will give a lift to the cold undertones of gray.

Even if yellow seems too bold and eye-catching, the gray kitchen cabinets will cool a little bit this vibrant shade, leading to a balanced environment. It is the perfect option to keep it simple due to the neutrality of gray and bring in a new splash of color, although a balanced one, to achieve a fabulous result.

Gray & pink for a timeless result

This timeless combination does not cease to impress us, particularly when it comes to the kitchen. The gray kitchen cabinets will be perfectly complemented by such a vibrant yet calming color as pink. It should be noted that soothing shades have to be considered.

The kitchen will instantly receive a welcoming and comfortable feeling due to the harmonious combination between those two colors. Although different from each other, it is impossible to notice the contrast line since they form an entity. Such pairing will fit both a traditional and contemporary style, preserving a soft balance in both cases.

Gray & coral to bring in vibrance

Soft shades of coral will warm up a gray kitchen, bringing softness to the environment. Furthermore, it will add a delicious scent to the cold and unreachable gray. Although a bold color to play with, the coral will be toned down by gray to balance the contrast.

It should be noted that the eye-catching effect of coral is more noticeable than the pink one, even if paired with gray. Nevertheless, such a vibrant approach will make every stay in the kitchen a pleasant and calming experience.

Gray & white for a classic look

Consider perfection at its finest with an elegant combination of gray and white. Those two neutrals work perfectly, particularly when the right undertones are paired appropriately. Therefore, a warm shade of white will fit light-gray cabinets, leading to a soft and calming setting.

At the same time, white walls with cold undertones will suit deep-gray kitchen cabinets, preserving the crisp effect. It is worth noting that white is a perfect background for gray elements, brightening the room and refreshing the decor.

Gray & beige to soften the environment

Any shade of gray will work with any shade of beige since those two neutrals complete each other at the necessary level, balancing the contrast. An appropriate play with undertones will ensure the wanted effect, whether to soften the environment or keep it cold. 

Inspired by nature, stone gray and sandy beige will refresh the kitchen and offer it a calming feeling. Furthermore, the latter will serve as a perfect background and emphasize the peculiarities of a gray kitchen.

Gray & purple for a contemporary setting

Considering that green and yellow are complementary colors for purple, you cannot go wrong with a combination between the latter and gray. Although a soothing shade of purple will be a perfect background for any shade of gray, opting for a bold purple will add vibrance to a contemporary kitchen.

This combination implies a special approach to lighting since a bold purple will have a cold effect on the environment. Various lighting sources will soften this shade and make it embrace a whole new look that will also benefit the gray cabinets.

Gray & green for a natural effect

Considering that there are shades of gray with green undertones, green walls will perfectly complement gray kitchen cabinets since the colors will not stand in contrast but flow one from another to form an entity. 

In this sense, soft and deep shades of green can be considered. Either way, lighting is essential in such conditions. Whether it is daylight or artificial light, a combination of gray and green will reach the perfect level only if emphasized by appropriate light sources.

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