What is the best way to decorate the interior of a studio apartment? Useful tips

What is the best way to decorate the interior of a studio apartment? Useful tips

Today, we see more and more studio apartments in the real estate market. Some owners themselves opt to remodel the premises into a studio. This solution is rational because it is always about an open area and a lot of space. Often, the decision to have such a housing design raises many questions. How to do it best, and which style and tone? There are a huge number of options, and you just need to try to choose the most optimal to enjoy being in such a home.

What should be taken care of first?

Having started a renovation in a studio apartment, you need to think through every detail in advance. It is important to decide on space zoning. If that is necessary, then with which materials? For the wall, you can use tiles or wallpaper. The last option is considered traditional. In addition, now you can select canvases with an unusual print, realistic or abstract image.

As for the style of the interior, it is better to dwell on modern tendencies. Forget about the classics. The color palette should be in natural shades. We recommend bright and colorful tones to be used as accents. A calm palette helps recreate a harmonious and stylish interior.

General Tips

To stay happy with the interior design in years to come, it is important to follow a few rules at the stage you reflect on it:

  1. Decide in advance what the finish will be. For walls, choosing wallpaper in neutral light shades is quite suitable. This will allow you to visually expand the space if you have a small studio apartment. To create a charming and warm atmosphere, it is better to use canvases of warm pastel colors. Want to increase the room ceilings visually? Paper the walls with wallpaper with vertical stripes.
  2. Decide on the style. We suggest giving preference to modern styles, such as loft, minimalism, scandi. If you are into classics, a slight variation of neoclassicism would most likely be the best option.
  3. Use multifunctional furniture. This will make the space mobile to give you more room to store things.

For the decor of wallpaper, it is essential to choose the right pattern. A popular option is a stripe. Designers recommend choosing the wallpaper color so that it is combined with pieces of furniture and with the main color scheme in which the studio apartment is decorated.

Where to buy

Please visit the “Uwalls” online store for a wide selection of wallpapers for every taste and color. The assortment includes many options to decorate the bedroom, living room, kitchen, and kids’ room. The abundance of colors and textures is sure to surprise you pleasantly! Please log on to https://uwalls.fr/ and choose your canvases for a studio apartment. Try to concentrate on your feelings and preferences when you are in. Using the advice of our designers, you will surely make a cozy, original, and memorable interior.

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