Where to put a bed in a room with windows: tips, options, and feng shui principles

Where to put a bed in a room with windows: tips, options, and feng shui principles

Windows should be in almost any room – this axiom is not even negotiable. At the same time, it directly depends on the source of daylight where and how your furniture will be located, if, of course, you want to create a comfortable and harmonious atmosphere. However, first of all, you need to pay attention to this aspect when you furnish the bedroom.

One of the most critical points in furnishing a sleeping room is the bed’s placement relative to the window. It really should not be underestimated: after all, it depends on how enjoyable and effective your relaxation will be. So, let’s figure out where it is better to put a bed in a room with windows and even find out what feng shui philosophy says about this.

What determines the placement of the bed in the bedroom with a window

When deciding on the position of your bed in a bedroom with a window, it is worth focusing on several factors that will help you make the right decision faster.

  • Health care. Wherever the bed is, it should not be in the area of drafts – we think there is no point in explaining why. That is why it is often advised to put the bed away from the window.
  • Sun exposure angle. In a bedroom with windows to the north, you don’t have to worry about this, but if the room faces the sunny side, you will have to set the bed so that when you wake up, the rays do not hit you directly in the face. Or, if this is not possible, take care of purchasing blackout curtains.
  • Security. The bed is often not recommended to be placed close to the window, and it is not even a matter of noise and drafts. In the event of an emergency (primarily a fire), it becomes another exit, and there should be no obstacles to opening it. Also, ensure that you do not block the door when placing the bed sufficiently away from the window.

Finally, the most crucial factor is your personal comfort. Hundreds of designers, architects, and feng shui experts can advise on how to place a bed in a bedroom. Still, if the bed location is inconvenient for you, you will not be able to accept it, even if everything is done perfectly, but not with your needs in mind. Of course, the opinion of professionals matters, but do not forget to listen to yourself.

How to put a bed in a bedroom with windows: options

And now we turn to the main thing – how do you put the bed in the bedroom, where there is a window. We bring to your attention the most logical, aesthetic, and popular options.

In the center of the room

Happy owners of spacious bedrooms (master bedrooms, by the way, are included there) can safely put the bed in the middle. Firstly, in this case, you in no way depend on windows and doors; secondly, your sleeping place, in this case, looks very respectable; and, thirdly, you have ample opportunities for arranging furniture and decorating!

Near a blank wall

An excellent solution for cases when the doorway is not in the center of the wall but on the side, and opposite this very opening is the same blank wall. In this case, daylight fills the room in the most comfortable way for you, and you can arrange the area around the bed as you like.

Perpendicular to the window

This decision is one of the most popular and is often dictated by the very layout of the bedroom. Previously, in such cases, sleeping facing the window was a problem due to the active flow of daylight, especially in the morning hours. However, today, in the days of very dense curtains, blackout rolls, and automatic blinds, this is no longer a reason to refuse such an arrangement of the bed if it is still so convenient for you.

Headboard to the window

Such placement is categorically condemned by feng shui (more on this, again, a little below). However, if the bedroom layout does not provide any other solutions, you can forget about the philosophy of organizing the space. If your bedroom is small and you can only put the bed this way, designers recommend using the following tricks:

  • Make your headboard flush with the windowsill and hang curtains of the same length – comfort and safety will be in perfect balance.
  • Try the high openwork headboard – no obstructions to the light, and at the same time, a sense of security is guaranteed.
  • Hang a long curtain rod. A rod wider than the window opening and the bed will create a beautiful and symmetrical arrangement of curtains on either side of your bed.
  • Don’t neglect color combinations. By combining the shades of the headboard and curtains, you create a harmonious seating area with pleasant accents.

Facing the window

Some people think that the bed’s position with the footboard towards the window is inconvenient and unfortunate – and the feng shui, which we will talk about below, implies the same thing. However, the owners of the bedrooms, beyond whose windows have amazing views, are ready to argue: it can be enjoyable to wake up and immediately see a marvelous garden or a breathtaking panorama of the city in front of you!

So, if the sun does not bother you, you can easily put the bed facing the window. However, make sure that it is of the correct height; otherwise, the fantastic view will remain uncovered.

Bed in the bedroom with two windows

If your bedroom is very bright due to two windows located on different walls, there are not so many options for comfortable placement of the bed, but they are still there. You can put it against a blank wall with the footboard to one of the windows, with the headboard to one of the windows, or even fit it in the corner at the junction of the walls with the windows. The first option is suitable for north-facing bedrooms. In other cases, it is still worth trying the second or third method.

How about feng shui?

Today this Taoist practice is carried away by millions of people around the world – and, according to many, it can really improve the quality of life. You can believe in the principles of feng shui or be skeptical about them, but even from a rationalistic point of view, they have a reason. So, let’s learn how to position the bed concerning the bedroom window to ensure the flow of positive qi energy.

Bad feng shui: how not to put the bed

There are options for the placement, to which Feng Shui is highly negative since it is believed that, in this case, a person takes on the influence of negative energy. Even if you are not an ardent adherent of this Eastern teaching, you will probably be curious to know a little more about furnishing a bedroom following feng shui. So, let’s start with how you can’t put the bed concerning the window:

  • Under the window. We talked about the pros and cons of such an arrangement in the traditional sense before. However, from a feng shui perspective, a bed by the window is just as unfortunate because you attract a stream of negative energy.
  • Facing the window on the sunny side. In this case, feng shui fans talk about the risk of poor sleep, poor health, and even problems in relationships that neither the view from the window, which we talked about above nor the blackout curtains can compensate for.
  • Opposite the doors. The most unfortunate location in Feng Shui. If the bed is precisely opposite the doorway, an influx of negative energy, weakness, and bad mood are guaranteed to you. Therefore, connoisseurs of oriental practice should avoid such an environment at all costs.

Good feng shui: we put the bed and find harmony

In terms of the symbolic organization of space that feng shui practice is about, the best places to set up a bed in a room with windows are:

  • Center of the bedroom. This is where that same positive energy is concentrated.
  • Against a windowless wall with no direct flow of daylight. This is believed to help minimize exposure to negative energy.
  • Head west. Feng Shui is an ideal solution for those who work hard, have a successful career, and need effective recuperation.
  • Head east. It is recommended for children and those who need new ideas and a burst of energy.
  • Head southeast. Bed option for people who want to make social contacts.
  • Head southwest. For those who are constantly worried and insecure. It is believed that it is this position that helps to find peace and harmony with yourself.

North, south, and northeast are considered unsuccessful cardinal points for installing a bed relative to the headboard in feng shui. Fans of Feng shui should make sure that its location does not fit into any of them.

As you can see, even in the furnishings of the rooms, and, first of all, the bedroom, there are no minor details. Think carefully about the bed’s placement, take the time to try several options if in doubt, and your reward will be a wonderful stay and a truly aesthetic and cozy atmosphere.

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