Where to put things in kitchen cabinets: storage tips for a perfect cabinet organization
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Where to put things in kitchen cabinets: storage tips for a perfect cabinet organization

Irina Tomsa / October 10, 2021 - views 26 - 0 likes

A kitchen may look as perfect as possible, but if the belongings of its cabinets are poorly organized, consider it off the stage. The interior space of a kitchen is as important as its exterior appearance. A well-organized kitchen is halfway to a successful result. Therefore, we will tackle in this article various ways of storing things in your kitchen, considering functionality in the first place.

Whether you have a large kitchen with many storage places or a small one, there are always solutions to be found if you approach the problem accordingly. A smart organization of things will make even the smallest kitchen look perfect.

Switch between exposed and hidden

Consider placing the less used items in closed cabinets while storing the most used ones on open shelves. The same goes for attractive and less attractive units. Opt for a hidden space for items that are practical in use and an exposed one for the prettiest units.

It should be noted that the latter can serve as decorative elements if playing accurately with shapes and colors. Nevertheless, do not go too extra since functionality has to be a priority in this sense.

Pull-out cabinets

Use pull-out cabinets to store such goods as species and other cooking essentials. It is convenient due to the fast access to them and organized, particularly if you place them by their type.

The same goes for other cooking items stored in pull-out cabinets by using organizers to keep them in place. It is a win-win option. They are hidden but can be fast accessed, which keeps it simple for the interior design and convenient regarding their use.

Smart arrangement for cleaning supplies

There is no doubt that the cleaning supplies have to be stored in a hidden place, and the sink cabinet is the perfect option. That’s not all! You should arrange them in an organized way. Whether it is a special system within the cabinet that holds these supplies or plastic containers that keep them separated by type, you win either way. 

Furthermore, such an arrangement will make it easier for you to access the needed item and return it to the same spot.

Cabinets by activity

Splitt your cabinets in different zones and organize the belongings by activity. For instance, fill a cabinet with units to start your morning, such as mugs. Pick another one for plates and even a separate cabinet for glasses.

It should be noted that such items can be stored in both lower and upper cabinets, depending on your level of convenience.

Now that we have covered some general aspects, let’s take a look at the specifics of cabinet organization by considering particular items and their place in your kitchen. It should be noted that these tips have to be adapted to the available space. Nevertheless, we will try to offer you a general image of a standard cabinet organization.

Upper cabinets organization

Consider the following items in this sense:

  • Dishes and glasses. It is perfect for storing them right above the dishwasher or the sink to put them away easier;
  • Food. Consider the space above the working place so that you can easily access everything you need while cooking;
  • Containers with food or other essentials. Keep them also above the workstation for fast access.

It should be noted that a kitchen pantry has to be used for storing food if there is one so that the other cabinets can be used for other kitchen items.

Lower cabinets organization

Consider the following items in this sense:

  • Pots and pans. Store them by your stove in such a way that you save as much space as possible. A rack that fits into the cabinet is much convenient for storing these items vertically;
  • Kitchen appliances. Store them below the working space so that they are easy to access when preparing the food;
  • Larger and smaller bowls. Keep them near the dishwasher to put them away easily.

It should be noted that some of the appliances that are used daily can be stored on the counter.

Kitchen drawers

Usually placed in the lower part of the kitchen, drawers can be used to store the dinnerware. Consider a horizontal or vertical positioning in this sense. Nevertheless, they are the best place to store the cutlery and other kitchen items used in cooking. It should be noted that drawers are a perfect space for keeping units that need to be easily accessed.

Final tips for a perfect kitchen organization

  • Consider labels for containers or storage bins to preserve the system;
  • Store everything according to their type and size for a neat appearance;
  • Go at least once a year through your kitchen organization by getting rid of the items you no longer need to ensure the functional use of space.