Where to store bread in the kitchen? (Solutions + Tips)

Where to store bread in the kitchen? (Solutions + Tips)

For many of us, bread is not just a weakness but also a vital necessity, without which neither breakfast nor dinner is a joy. Everyone has different tastes concerning bakery products: someone prefers lush and soft wheat buns, someone – rye, and someone, adhering to the principles of proper nutrition, chooses whole grain bread or something from wholemeal flour. However, we all agree on one thing: we want our favorite product to be fresh – soft, fragrant, with a crispy crust.

Unfortunately, careless bread storage leads to rapid deterioration – it becomes stale, loses its pleasant smell, cakes, and becomes moldy. Buying such a product too often is a direct path to wastefulness and excessive consumption. This means that the best way is to find a way to store bread in the kitchen properly. And we will help you with this. So, we will tell you where to place your favorite buns and loaves so that they delight you with freshness and great taste for longer.


This storage option is the most obvious and logical. Indeed, the breadbox provides everything you need to keep the product fresh – both spaciousness, a ventilated case, and a convenient lid. The main point is to choose an accessory from the suitable material, as each has its pros and cons. So it could be:

  • Wood. The most popular and pleasant material is natural, safe, and environmentally friendly. Air circulates freely in such a breadbox, which allows you to preserve the freshness and taste of the bread and avoid quick dampness and mold formation. In addition, wooden accessories look very nice and harmoniously complement the interior of the kitchen. However, there are some drawbacks here: wooden bread boxes are afraid of moisture, absorb odors, and require special care.
  • Stainless steel. An excellent accessory for modern kitchens, including those in high-tech style. You can safely store bread in it without fear of moisture, mold, airing, and foreign odors. In addition, it is easy to care for and almost impossible to damage. On the other hand, such bread boxes are very heavy, fingerprints often remain on them, and lids on low-quality cheap models can jam.
  • Plastic. These boxes are in great demand for many reasons – low price, lightness, ease of maintenance, and various colors and forms. However, it can be scratched and broken without difficulty, plastic in cheap products, as a rule, is toxic, and bread resists in it less than in wood or steel. Moreover, such an accessory is inappropriate for inexpensive interiors.

In addition, glass and ceramic bread boxes are increasingly found in stores. They look charming and expensive; however, due to the violation of ventilation, the bread in them erodes faster. However, if you buy it a little at a time, you will surely like this option.

Regardless of which material you prefer, pay attention to the quality of the product. It is better not to skimp on such things: this is a matter of your health, benefits, and, most likely, the pleasure of tasty and fresh bread.

Kitchen cabinet

Suppose you are the happy owner of a large kitchen and do not like to litter the countertop with any additional, albeit beneficial things. In that case, you can reasonably afford to store bread directly in the cabinet. It is best if you can select a separate shelf for it and fold it neatly. And one more thing – do not forget to regularly maintain order in the place where the bread is stored, since crumbs cannot be avoided anyway.


If you do not eat large quantities of bread, then you probably do not buy too much of it. Then your bakery supplies will fit perfectly into the kitchen drawer. It is ergonomic, compact, and the product is always at hand. However, there is also an inconvenience here: you will have to ventilate the storage area regularly, and you can hardly put bulk loaves there.

Sealed plastic container

If you have large transparent plastic containers that you don’t use often, you can adjust them for storing bread as well. Such products are more compact than ordinary bread boxes. You can immediately see what exactly is in the container and when it’s time to replenish stocks. Besides, all the products are entirely safe, and nothing will get wrinkled. In addition, you can quickly transfer a container of bread from a locker to a table – as a serving option, this is an excellent idea.


Freezing bread – isn’t it blasphemous? In fact, this is not blasphemous but very rational, especially if you want to delight yourself with a fresh and hot product without unnecessary trips to the store.

Bread in the freezer is stored in plastic bags with a ziplock lock, having released a maximum of air from them before that. You can cut it into slices and immediately when you want to send it to the toaster. Frozen bread, placed in the oven or microwave, becomes freshest and delicious again. However, before sending it to the freezer, make sure it is free of mold: the cold will stop it from growing but not kill it.

Bread storage tips

So, we have told you about the most rational and convenient places for storing bread. However, do not forget about some tricks that will keep your goodies like that even longer. So, let’s share the secrets:

  • Store rye bread separately from wheat bread. They have different humidity so that they can harm each other – this also applies to sweet rolls. If space permits in a breadbox or cabinet, make partitions there for different types of bread.
  • Do not put hot bread directly into storage. Condensation from the product contributes to the rapid formation of mold. Wait until it cools down, and only then put it in a cabinet or breadbox.
  • Wrap the loaves and rolls in wax paper. It will remove excess moisture and allow them to retain flavor and volume.
  • Do not store bread in the refrigerator. Perhaps mold will not start on it, but it will instantly lose its taste, softness, and splendor, which cannot be returned, even by heating the bread in the microwave or oven.

Where is the best place to store bread: conclusions

So, now you know how and where to keep bread correctly. Don’t ignore these tips, as they will not only allow you to enjoy your fresh, delicious food for longer but also help you reduce waste.

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