White and gold backsplash ideas: embrace the classic duo for an exquisite result

The first thing you notice when entering the kitchen in most cases is the backsplash, but if it includes the impressive pairing between white and gold, there is no doubt that this element will become the focal point. 

Let’s start with the basics! What does each of these shades have to impress us with? Believe us; we don’t have to think much about that since the answer is clear as day. 

For a start, white is one of the most elegant colors. It seems strange to associate elegance with a neutral color, but integrating this shade in interior design with this particular purpose is real proof of what has been stated. Besides going well with everything, white is soothing, relaxing, and impressively calming, benefiting particularly small spaces by a surprisingly brightening and expanding effect. From one source of elegance to another, gold is no less fascinating. Due to the wide variety of gold shades, be it with yellow undertones, muted, rose, or brushed, there are various options for integrating it. It seems this far that nothing can stop our irreplaceable duo. Let’s discover how you can work with it in your kitchen by taking a look at the following white and gold backsplash ideas! First things first! We would like to start by answering an appropriately asked question in this context.

Do white and gold work for a backsplash?

From all neutrals available, white is the best option for a pairing with gold. Experts suggest considering warmer shades of white so that the contrast does not seem too eye-catching. At a particular level, white serves as a canvas on which any touch of gold feels vibrant and fascinating. If you still wonder if this fantastic combination is suitable for the backsplash, we say “yes” without hesitation. There is no other mix of contrastive shades that would complement your kitchen the way this one can.

White marble & Golden grout

Subtle notes of gold, slick patterns of marble on a white background, a few elements in the neighborhood that reflect the same metal, and your kitchen will shine like a newly found pearl. From filling the space between tiles with golden grout entirely to considering particular spaces, play with accents and offer your kitchen an original look. As regards the tiles, the beloved Subway-style is the first variant you should consider. The result promises to be trendy, unique, and, most importantly, full of individuality.

Let’s play with patterns!

The unbeaten beehive pattern, outstanding geometric forms, unique shapes inspired by nature or various cultures; there are many sources of inspiration. Just take a look at the outside world. This is when gold is more welcome than ever. Besides bringing in its standout flair, it emphasizes the particular shapes and makes them sparkle in a new way. Surprisingly vibrant, inducing drama, and slightly mysterious; this is what experts associate such an option with, particularly in an all-white kitchen.

Slick gold accents

Marble pattern for a contemporary look and gold accents for a scent of glam; what would you say about a marble backsplash with gold accents? A quality replication of the marble pattern by underlining it with gold is one of the options, but we are not ready to stop at this. Consider mosaic tiles with marble patterns, most of which are classic and a few with gold accents. Note the following aspect: the simpler it looks, the more emphasized the glamorous effect is.

No limits to imagination

Nothing compares with the textured effect of tiles. Still, the contemporary options for wallpaper are of such high quality that an effect similar to tiles can be achieved with less effort and for an affordable price. Most importantly, the range of possibilities as regards patterns is wider. You will have the designer’s role while the perfect pairing of white and gold will play the rest.

Sophistication at its finest

We cannot get tired of the irreplaceable marble pattern. Luckily, there are various options in this respect so that each approach can be viewed from a unique perspective. This one is no less surprising. A white backsplash with marble patterns is everything a contemporary kitchen is missing for an elegant environment. Consider combining it with gold hardware or a similar design for the island.

Feel the texture

Regardless of what material or design you opt for, don’t forget about texture if you want your white and gold backslash to elevate your kitchen design to the next level. From uneven tile surfaces to emphasized shapes, go beyond the limits and stay original. It should be noted that texture can also be achieved visually. You can opt for unusual geometric shapes that seem like coming to the surface. A similar result can be achieved by considering the Terrazzo style. All you need is a white background with particles of gold, although other shades can be included as well. The effect itself consists in the design, and even if we cannot feel the texture at the touch, it plays with our imagination.

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