Gorgeous white and gold kitchen ideas: spread light and elegance within your kitchen

White is a timeless color when it comes to interior design. Refreshing, illuminating, and versatile, it cannot be beaten, particularly if referring to combinations with other colors. An apparently neutral color, white can adapt to every case in part and play impressively with undertones. No wonder why it is a favorite among designers. 

What can make white more perfect than it is? Undoubtedly, a sparkle of gold will not spoil the result, but rather enhance it. If you think that adding reflective materials to an already bright color seems unacceptable, we will prove you wrong. Gold will perfectly bring to the surface the hidden features of the white color and make it shine in a new way. Furthermore, there are various ways you can integrate gold in interior design. Of course, you will not go with actual gold, which is extremely expensive, since there are a variety of gold replications you can use, particularly metals, such as bronze, brass, copper. 

It is no secret that such a pairing will fit the kitchen at its finest. Nevertheless, even the most obvious combinations may play a trick on you if not adapted to the particular style. Today, we would like to guide you towards the most appropriate ways of playing with these two contrasts within your kitchen and suggest to you new and outstanding ideas that will make this room the pearl of your house. First things first; let’s scroll through an array of starting aspects one should consider in advance.

3 essentials for a functional approach

  • Set a balance. When we speak about a combination between white and gold, we do not mean an equal separation of contrasts. As much as you could like gold, its rich features of vibrance and glamour will simply suppress the white color in this case. Consider a pairing that relies on a white background and elements of gold;
  • Play with undertones. If you thought that white cannot offer any other variations than a neutral background, we would like to convince you of the contrary. White has undertones as well, from warmer to colder, which can point the appropriate amount of gold you should bring into the room;
  • Pay attention to details. Gold is a dangerous element to play within interior design. The slightest mistake can cost you the entire result. Start with small details and reach the acceptable amount of gold to enrich your kitchen with.

Now you are fully packed and ready to start the adventure. Let’s discover how this classic combination, which tends to return the glamour, can be brought successfully into your kitchen! 

The smaller the details, the greater the effect

This is how it works with gold; no matter the amount, the presence of gold itself in the room is enough to make a glamorous statement. The smallest details of gold are ready to impress you at the highest level. We suggest you start with the simplest aspects and consider gold cabinet hardware. Those tiny units will sparkle like stars in the morning sky, reflecting the light throughout the room.

Add glamour to functionality

For total integration of glamour within your kitchen, opt for a gold cover for elements that seem to be of a rather practical than decorative use. This is what you should strive for; to incorporate elegance in every element of the room, regardless of its initial purpose. A perfect example in this sense is the sink and faucet considered together or separated. From a modern kitchen enriched with gold sparkle to a farmhouse setting that integrates gold in the finest way, the pairing of white with gold does not cease to impress us.

More light, more gold, more elegance

Does it seem too bright to you? Not at all, the reflection of daylight on the white surfaces and the sparkling gold on lighting fixtures will complement each other perfectly. Since the gold elements will bring in the yellow undertones, your kitchen will shine in a new way. You can go with gold wall lamps for a farmhouse style, minimalist pendants to fit a contemporary setting, or glamorous chandeliers to meet the standards of an elegant kitchen.

Take it to another level

Of course, you should not go too extra and restrain the white cabinets from showing off their freshness and cleanliness by opting for an enormous amount of gold. Nevertheless, nobody said that bigger units are to be avoided, although keeping it within limits. We suggest enriching with gold such elements as open shelves and chairs. Such an approach is welcome within any style, since a splash of gold is an additional source of light, and the latter has always been an advantage for a kitchen.

You already know which elements can benefit from the sparkling feature of gold within a white kitchen. What if we say that there is more to come? We would like to draw your attention to particular types of gold that can be integrated into the kitchen, depending on the undertones of the white color. 

White & Classy Gold

The traditional sparkling gold with yellow undertones is the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about this material. A white kitchen will serve as a canvas to paint on with gold, particularly when the latter has rich undertones. From cabinet hardware to lighting fixtures and even the faucet, this type of gold will enrich your room with sparkles of light that will run playfully through the kitchen and remind you of warm sunny days even in the coldest winter evenings.

White & Matte Gold

In contrast with the previous option, this one supposes a softer gold, whose matte surface warms up the cold undertones of white. One should note that the reflective feature is reduced in this case, although still present with a smoother effect. Such an approach will serve as a compliment for a Vintage style and a touch of glamour that the modern settings usually lack.

White & Brushed Gold

Although usually associated with conservative styles, gold can fit as perfectly modern settings. Brushed gold is the perfect companion for a white kitchen since its muted shine refers to both old and modern values. Add a touch of sophistication with this complex mix of antique and contemporary features.

White & Rose Gold

Are you the happy owner of a cool-white kitchen? Add a new splash of light without disturbing the cool environment with rose gold. The latter is colder than traditional gold, bringing at the same time a new sparkle of color. Unlike other types of gold, this one will look perfect if paired with steel elements since they complement each other. Although widely applied to cabinet hardware, we suggest going with rose gold lighting fixtures and making them a point of interest.

Gold alternatives

It would be a shame not to mention the metals that can serve as perfect replications of gold. Each of them refers to particular styles and work with white in different ways. Scroll through the following list and find the effect that suits you better:

  • Brass for a vintage note that will bring to the surface the warm undertones of white for an inviting environment;
  • Bronze for a highlighting effect that will emphasize every detail of the cabinets and add visual interest to the kitchen;
  • Copper for a soft touch that will enrich the cool white cabinets with warmth and take any style direction.
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