White and gold tile ideas: inspirational suggestions for every room of your house

White is undoubtedly the classic we cannot get tired of; expanding the limits and serving as a perfect background to play with contrasts, it fits any style and is ready to impress you at every glance. Let’s add a note of vibrant charm to this white canvas by enriching it with gold. This noble shade will have an opulent effect on the interior design and add elegance to the decor, which the contemporary styles usually lack but would benefit much from it. 

It is no secret that the pairing of white and gold is the best choice when it comes to luxury. What an amazing thing that it can be integrated into interior design at different levels. One of the most effective options is the white and gold tiles. From passing the threshold to reaching the bathroom, such an approach will suit any room and style if applied appropriately. We will make sure that this article covers the white and gold tile ideas to meet any standards and inspire you for a fabulous change. 

Outstanding delicacy with marble

Every time you integrate marble into your interior design, you enrich the environment with finesse. The effect doubles once you go with this white and gold tile design since these shades define luxury at the highest level. Particularly impressive are large-size tiles with such a pattern that will surely make a sophisticated statement within your hallway, living, bathroom, or kitchen.

Hidden flair in tiny details

Not everything is about tiles since grout plays as much an important role. Let’s put it this way: imagine a wall covered with blank white tiles; probably fresh and bright, but definitely boring. Now, draw in your imagination the same scenario, adding gold grout to these tiles, exactly as in the following photos; quite an impressive effect for such a small detail. Furthermore, you can opt for subtle patterns of marble to shape the design. Here is a small tip: you can insert tiny golden elements, besides actual grout, and add texture to the environment. Such an approach will surely add charm to your bathroom walls or kitchen backsplash.

Elements of glamour within the design

Go further with the gold elements and entirely integrate them into the tile design. From simple golden lines to impressive patterns inspired by cultural motifs or geometric shapes, add visual interest to the bathroom backdrop or the kitchen backsplash. There is more to come! You can emphasize the gold patterns by opting for uneven surfaces and bring to the surface the textured beauty of these elements.

Feel free to go beyond the limits

The best design ideas come from the freedom of going beyond the limits. Come up with interesting ways of combining white and gold within the tile design. Here are some starting points:

  • Opt for non-repetitive patterns for an original result;
  • Involve other shades as well, particularly classy black that fits the existing pairing at its finest;
  • Consider unusual patterns for every tile in part or original shapes to form an outstanding pattern as a whole;
  • Play with various shades of gold, depending on the effect; be it to warm up the environment or offer the design a touch of crispy sparkle.

We prepared an array of inspirational photos in this regard for you to enjoy and notice the peculiarities we mentioned earlier.

Half white, half gold: slightly light and extremely bold

Let’s look at the picture as a whole and achieve an elegant result by combining the two shades smartly! Such an eye-catching design will fit your bathroom perfectly if making bold decisions is a defining feature of your personality. Consider white tiles for half of the wall and gold tiles for the other one, or at least a part of it. One should note that different sizes are welcome since they add texture and ensure the integrity of the interior. Once you start boldly, keep it the same way and opt for a bright shade of gold to fill the space left by white and reflect light throughout the place.

Venetian charm with Terrazzo style

The irreplaceable Terrazzo style impresses us again. If you are not familiar with this trendy approach, the Terrazzo style implies particles of various materials on a neutral background. Of course, ours is a white backdrop and particles of gold. Nevertheless, other materials can be included as well for full integration of this trend. Are you not satisfied yet? The following idea will surely meet your expectations: go with a style like that for the tiles and emphasize them with gold grout: exquisite taste and stylish look. Such tiles will throw new light on your hallway or living room.

Sparkles of grandeur and flair

You are free to choose any design you want under one condition: opt particularly for sparkling gold and make the luxury felt at the maximum. Even if it is not related to tiles, particularly the light will play the main role by reflecting the warm undertones within the room. This way, the gold elements will not be part only of the tile design but also of the environment. The splashes of gold will spring from one tile to another, filling the space with fairytale notes.

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