Living room design in white and gray tones

Refined severity of a living room in gray-white tones combines elegance and modern trends. Living room – a place where family gathers and where friends and acquaintances are received – should be comfortable and beautiful. Cool and stylish gray, clean and light white – these colors in the interior design are relevant at all times. What are the main pros and cons of the design of the living room in gray and white?


  • The combination of white and light gray visually enhances the room;
  • This combination of colors looks stylish and modern;
  • White and gray backgrounds can become the basis for a wide variety of areas of interior design;
  • Bright accents on the background of white-gray wallpaper in the living room look surprisingly original and fresh;
  • The living room in such tones is quite simple to update, while making the yellow, orange, red or black living room look much more complicated;
  • Gray color is rich in shades: steel and smoky, silver and lead, gray-blue and zircon, etc.
  • Dark gray color can make the living room dark;
  • White and gray colors as the main ones are not suitable for interior decoration in luxurious historical or cozy rustic styles;
  • The combination of white and gray can look cold and depressing;
  • White and light gray are fairly easily soiled, so it can be difficult to keep this living room clean.

So that the gray-white interior of the living room does not look boring, you can refresh and decorate it with accessories.

Diversify the gray and white living room

You can simply and efficiently update the living room in gray and white with bright objects.

  • Pictures. You can decorate the walls of the gray-white living room with colorful canvases (just one big picture is enough), several small works of impressionist artists or futurists. Photographs (both color and black and white) in a strict framework will be appropriate;
  • Curtains. Windows can be decorated with colorful plain curtains. Warm shades will give the interior coziness, while cold shades will give elegance;
  • Pillows / Plaids. Bright pillows or a plaid look great on a gray or white sofa;
  • Vases. Unusual ethnic style vases or exquisite works of modern art harmoniously complement the interior of the living room in gray-white colors;
  • Figures. Figures, boxes and other accessories will help to make an interior individual and original;
  • Plants. Living plants in vases or pots will add comfort to the room.

Not only accessories, but also furniture items can be bright: a yellow sofa or a purple sideboard in a white living room will look modern and original.

Combinations of textures

You can decorate the living room in gray or white with a combination of textures. In this case, a certain lack of color will be compensated by the richness of textures and the original combination of materials. Photos of gray-white living rooms will help to appreciate the beauty of such ensembles.

  • Metal and glass;
  • Painted wood and metal;
  • Stone and metal;
  • Glass and stone;
  • Plastic, metal and glass;
  • Plastic and stone;
  • Fabric and metal;
  • Fabric and plastic.

A mirrored surface will fit perfectly into the interior of such a gray-white living room.

Styles for a white and gray living room

The design of the living room in gray-white tones is ideal for a house or apartment, decorated in the following styles:

  • Minimalism – strictly and functionally;
  • Art Deco – exquisite and elaborate;
  • Techno – modern and stylish;
  • Industrial – the style of a big city;
  • Futurism – unusual and original;
  • Functionalism – comfortable and practical;
  • Hi-tech – comfortable and fashionable;
  • French – sophisticated and elegant;
  • Modern Italian and others.

The gray-white living room may look strict or luxurious, modern or vintage, but it always remains elegant, stylish and original.

Ideas for design and decoration of a white and gray living room – Photos

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