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White Christmas Tree Decoration
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White Christmas Tree Decoration

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The white artificial tree is so impressive and beautiful in any interior that it does not need toys or light garlands. Decorating such beauty is not so easy, as accessories must be chosen with particular care. How to decorate a white Christmas tree for Christmas? All the interesting ideas are already waiting for you in our material.

White Christmas Tree: Features And Combinations

A characteristic of Christmas white fir is that it is beautiful in itself. Therefore, do not decorate it with balls and toys of different colors. Due to the abundance of decorations, Christmas white fir will lose its individuality and the beauty of its white branches will not be visible. When choosing decorations, remember that you can use up to three colors. But a white fir tree with the same type of balls of the same color is much more spectacular.

White Christmas Tree

When choosing balls and toys for such a special tree, it is necessary that the colors will be combined with white.

  • For example, on snow-white branches, gold or silver jewelry will look great.
  • Not bright, but deep and saturated colors will also look great. It can be lilac, purple, green or burgundy.
  • Also pay attention to the texture of the toys. On such a tree, which sparkles with a snow-white color, the frosted balls look better than the shiny ones.

Regarding the choice of accessories such as garlands, you must pay attention to turquoise or mint hues. Remember that the rest of the decorations must be lighter and softer. This is necessary so that the balls do not get lost among the garlands and do not lose their personality.

Regarding the shape of the toys themselves, you should not choose decorations of different configurations. Opt for classic balls. You can choose Christmas balls of different shapes, it will be beautiful. It is allowed to choose two or three different types of toys. In other words, it can be balls and stars, balls and cones, stars and bows, balls and rhombus toys, bells and balls, etc.

Interesting Decorations Ideas

You can decorate the Christmas tree in a variety of styles.

  • If you like brilliant solutions, you can decorate it in rainbow style. We all know what colors are made of a rainbow. The first color is red. We begin to decorate the tree from the lower branches. We hang red toys on the lower branches, creating a red rim. Then we change to orange, then yellow, then green and purple. Since purple is the final color of our rainbow, you can choose a decoration of this color to decorate the crown.
  • If you are not indifferent to the vintage style, choose unusual and elegant decorations for the Christmas tree. In other words, you should give up the multicolored glass balls and opt for flowers, knots made of silk fabric or brocade. Take the old toys out of the mezzanine, choose snowflakes with delicate hues. A Christmas tree in this style will look very simple.
  • When there are no suitable toys in the house, you can decorate with your own hands. For this you will need the most ordinary silk ribbons. We have already mentioned the color combination above, so choose ribbons of these shades. The ribbons can be wide or narrow.
  • You can make lush bows or simply attach them to the branches. A Christmas tree decorated with such bows in combination with beads or an electric garland will look unusual and elegant.
  • You can also use imagination and create with children unusual jewelry for a white fir tree like snow. For example, it may be origami – paper figures folded in a particular way. Such an ornament will give an artificial tree an unusual touch.
  • When creating an origami, remember that each figure has a special meaning. It can be a bird of happiness or a figurine for the fulfillment of desires. Therefore, you can decorate white Christmas tree with craft items that will draw positive energy into the home.
  • In addition, you can decorate it with candy. For example, round-shaped candies in bright red packaging may very well replace Christmas balls. Such unusual decorations will please children and all guests.

Tips and tricks

In order for the Christmas tree to look interesting inside your home, it is helpful to listen to the following tips. Because, in addition to the fir decor, you should take care and other details.

  • So that the Christmas tree is even more spectacular, you must decorate his “leg”. For this case, a white palette, which can be decorated with a silver rain, is perfect.
  • A white fir looks great on the bottom of a wall or curtains. If the background is colored or with a pattern, the white beauty will not be spectacular and elegant.
  • When choosing a light string, opt for white light models. Thus, the white Christmas tree will become even more tender and airy. But small multicolored lights only spoil the overall style.
  • A garland with a warm yellow light will help in the evening to create an atmosphere of comfort and warmth in the house.
  • If there are no toys in the house, then you can decorate the branches with a garland, which was mentioned above. You can complete the decor with gold or silver beads. Thus, the fir will be elegant and concise.

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