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Interior decoration with white vases

hackrea - January 6, 2020 - 0 comments - 166 views

The vase – an important element of interior decoration, which is sure to be in any apartment.

People have long decorated their houses with beautiful vases made of various materials. This is an important subject of interior decoration, which will surely be found in all apartments.

With vases, you can make the room more comfortable, elegant, add personality. Whatever the vase – large, small, desk, floor, classic or unusual shape, in any case, it will become the center of attention if it is a white vase.

White vase

White vases are a classic that is becoming more and more real in the modern world. This decorative object is very popular with designers because it fits perfectly into all interior styles. A white vase will successfully integrate into a classic style and bring a touch of sophistication to your interior. Insist on the laconism of minimalism style or refresh your modern high-tech interior.

The different white vase by aristocratism, elegance and lightness. Whatever its size, it will not look bulky and does not clutter the space. We appreciate the white vases for their versatility. They look great against the background of walls of all shades and make neighboring objects more expressive. For example, flowers placed in a white vase will become visually brighter and gain more attention.

The white color always honored. It creates a unique atmosphere of refinement, purity and freshness. There is a kind of mystery and magnetism that catches our attention. Therefore, a white vase can be the main accent in decorating the room.

For the creation of white vases, different materials can be used: ceramic, porcelain, glass, stone, metal. Some of them have a natural white tint, others are covered with enamel, varnish or paints. There are many shades of white spectrum: cream, milk, snow white, ivory, bluish, pinkish, pearly, etc. The color can be uniform or contain impregnations of other shades which enliven it, make it more interesting and eliminate sterility.

Contrasting patterns, convex decorative elements, engravings, relief patterns are very beautiful on a white background. The surface of the vase can have quite a different texture. It can be shiny, matte, rough, smooth. Recently, the cracking effect, cracking, has become very popular.

White vase – Materials

White ceramic vase

Most white vases are made from ceramic. It is the oldest type of pottery art, known since ancient civilizations. It takes its name from the word “keramos”, which translates to “clay”. In ancient times, artisans were already able to create beautiful ceramic vases that adorned palaces and were a symbol of wealth and luxury. Today, special paints and enamels are used to decorate white ceramic vases.

White porcelain vase

White porcelain vases are very popular. It is a noble variety of ceramic that attracts with its brilliant white glazing. Initially, porcelain vases only decorated the palaces of the emperors of China and only in the 18th century arrived in Europe. Today, white porcelain vases adorn our apartments, offices, ceremonial halls of cultural palaces, theaters and museums. They give to interior reality and luxury.

White glass vase

Widely distributed white glass vases. They can be transparent or fully tinted, shiny or mat. Glass easily takes any shape, allowing you to create original vases of abstract shapes. When designing, patterned sculpture, looped images and painting can be used.

White stone vase

The white stone vases also seem very aristocratic. They are usually made of artificial stone – polystone. It is high quality and affordable.

White metal vase

Well, metal vases are considered the most practical and the least expensive. The metal has a special shape, after which it is covered with white paint or enamel. Such vases will go well in modern interiors.

Interior decoration ideas with white vases

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