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Window treatment trends 2022: best colors, fabrics, and ideas to update your interior design
Irina Tomsa -

Window treatment trends 2022: best colors, fabrics, and ideas to update your interior design

Irina Tomsa / October 10, 2021 - views 55 - 0 likes

The role of the window treatment in interior design has been underrated lately since the spread of the minimalist style made people avoid opting for such an element. We would like to convince you of the contrary. Be it curtains or blinds, they serve as the last piece of the puzzle within a room decor. What would look like a puzzle with a missing piece? That’s right! It would be an incomplete picture. The same goes for your interior design. It should be noted that an appropriate choice will match any style of yours. 

Furthermore, a perfect window treatment should fit with the peculiarities of the room and update the interior design rather than spoiling the picture. Therefore, we encourage you to accompany us through an adventurous journey, during which we will reveal the best colors, fabrics, and designs for the window treatment that will keep you up to date in 2022. We promise to be relevant and inspiring. Let’s discover the window treatment trends in 2022!

The core principles behind these trends are simplicity, functionality, and naturalness. Therefore, the same tendencies are to be found in the color palette applied to the window treatment. Consider the following shades in this sense:

  • Neutral tones, particularly beige or milk for a soft effect on the decor and environment;
  • Natural hues, such as green, brown, purple, blue to emphasize the beauty of nature and bring it closer;
  • Bold shades, such as chocolate tones, navy blue, peach to make a statement.

The top fabrics and prints to be applied in 2022 are cotton and linen. Consider also dense materials and velvet, which will surely keep you up to date. Regarding the texture, you can switch from the lightest to the densest fabrics depending on the effect you want to achieve.

When it comes to prints, be ready for a bold approach. Experts suggest you consider fascinating prints that refer to unusual floral patterns and tropical colors. It should be noted that they will look particularly relevant in the living room.

When it comes to design, you should start with a particular style. We prepared a list in this sense and would like to draw your attention to the best options in 2022.

English curtains

This type of curtains refers to decorative ones. It will fit perfectly in the bedroom, nursery, living room, and kitchen. Their peculiarity consists of having ribbons on both sides, which is convenient for rooms with poor light. Therefore, you should consider them if you want to brighten your space as they let the light pass since most part of the window is open.

French curtains

It is quite a specific style and would not match any interior design. Consider it for a classic or baroque setting. Among its peculiarities is the expensive look of the fabrics. This type of curtain stands out through its voluminous appearance. If you decide to go as extra as possible, consider a lambrequin. It should be noted that such curtains will fit perfectly in the living room.

Classic curtains

This type is composed of large curtains and tulle. Due to a variation of colors, fabrics, and prints, they can be hung in any room. A common feature is a lambrequin, which covers the hanging rod and completes the interior decor. It should be noted that such an element is not to be used in a room with a low ceiling.

Roman blinds 

These blinds will fit the kitchen perfectly since their convenient structure will add functionality to the space. The fabrics used in this sense are cotton, linen, or jute, which are placed on slats to form the construction. They do not cover much space and are practical in use. Particularly impressive will be their look within a hi-tech environment. At the same time, a retro-style room will not be spoiled by such an element.

Japanese blinds

The Japanese style of the blinds will fit perfectly a room that needs to be zoned. Unlike the previous type, they cover a larger part of the window and ensure privacy. Peculiar to this type of blinds are the weights installed at the bottom to keep the form. Such blinds would go perfectly with a minimalist style. 

Window treatment 2022: Bedroom

Consider the following suggestions for a modern window treatment within your bedroom:

  • Classic curtains for a comfy environment;
  • Tulle to accompany the curtains for a soft effect;
  • Various patterns to enrich the interior design;
  • Plain curtains in neutral shades to keep it simple.

Window treatment 2022: Living room

For a functional and unique design, consider the following ideas:

  • Reject the unnecessary details;
  • Consider a minimalist design;
  • Opt for nature-inspired colors and patterns for a refresh;
  • Go bold with bright colors if you want to make a statement.

Window treatment 2022: Kitchen

Consider the following tips for functional use of space and stylish results:

  • Cotton and linen for durability;
  • Take into account short sizes for practical use;
  • Stick to Provence style for a classic look;
  • Opt for a modern design in a contemporary setting;
  • Consider blinds instead of curtains for convenience.

Window treatment 2022: Bathroom

It is not that common to apply a window treatment to the bathroom. Nevertheless, if there is the case, consider the following options:

  • Roman blinds to complement the aesthetics;
  • Japanese blinds to ensure privacy.

Modern curtains 2022: newest ideas

Considering the style of your room and the effect you want to achieve, there are various options you can stick to. We would like to draw your attention to the latest trends in this sense. Take a look at the following ideas for inspiration.

Functionality in the first place

Modern interior designs require a contemporary approach that includes functional use of space and simple designs. In this sense, curtains should fulfill their purpose and complete the picture. For a setting of this kind, consider the following elements:

  • Practical textiles without unnecessary details;
  • Neutral colors, such as gray or soothing blue;
  • Blinds instead of curtains to save space and add practicality.

Bring nature closer

Nature-inspired elements are the leading trend in 2022. They are easy to apply to curtains and can make quite an impact on interior design. First of all, this trend emphasizes the beauty of nature and the need to preserve it. Furthermore, sustainable materials encourage an eco-friendly approach. Consider the following options for perfect integration of this trend:

  • Nature-inspired colors, such as green, blue, beige, brown;
  • Natural fabrics, particularly cotton;
  • Patterns that refer to elements from nature, such as flowers or leaves.

A retrospective to the past centuries

The 2022 trends suggest a retro approach to interior design by bringing in the old values and combining them with contemporary styles. A return to the past centuries can be manifested through particular fabrics and styles, reflected by various colors. Consider the following shades in this sense:

  • Pearl. Cream undertones and sparkles will set a classic style and bring formality within the environment;
  • Burgundy. The dynamic feature of this color will offer your room a touch of Renaissance and add glamour;
  • Red. This bold color will bring drama and vibrance by setting extravagance that penetrates more and more the interior design.