Wall decoration with wood imitation wallpaper

Since antiquity, wood has been one of the main materials used for the construction and decoration of houses. But in the modern world, it is not necessary to use this expensive material to give your home a special atmosphere and charm. Just take a successful imitation of wood.

Wood effect tapestry

Imitation of wood wallpaper is a type of wall decoration that visually replaces a natural material. They can imitate a variety of subjects: wood structure, stacks of firewood, bark or boards, painted wood structures and much more, depending on the style and destination chosen.

See at the end of the article all the photos with ideas for wall decoration with imitation wood wallpaper.


First of all, decorating the interior with wallpaper imitating natural materials is more economical. Some tree species are very rare and it is simply impossible to obtain them. And some varieties require special care and maintenance conditions that cannot be created in a city apartment or a country house.

The wallpaper with a wooden theme is suitable for decorating the living room, kitchen and bedroom. In private homes, you can decorate living rooms, playrooms and covered verandas with wood effect paper.

If in a small town apartment you miss the view of nature and the rustic setting, you can decorate a living room or bedroom in the countryside, by decorating one of the walls with an already painted pattern. And for lovers of the fireplace, you can use safely and within budget the wood effect wallpaper.

And, of course, wood imitation can be an important addition to interior decoration in an ecological style, which is gaining popularity around the world.


There can be many classifications. It all depends on the attribute by which the products are divided:

  • Depending on the perception of humidity, the wallpaper is divided into three types: ordinary (does not tolerate it at all), moisture resistant and washable. The first type can only be dry cleaned, for example with a vacuum cleaner. The second type of material can be treated with a damp cloth. And the latter can be cleaned even with large particles.
  • Depending on the location of the figure, the products can be horizontal, vertical, rings and combined. Can be an imitation of wood bark and wood panels.
  • For the ceiling, wallpapers with horizontal lines imitating lacquered panels in a saturated shade are suitable. They add originality to your interior and, combined with subdued lighting, will create a warm and romantic atmosphere. This type of ceiling decoration is more profitable than natural planks, not only because of the price, but also because it is easier to stack. And wallpaper, unlike wood, does not require a substrate and frame, which means they will not take a few inches in height.
  • Wall paintings imitating wood painted with white paint – the perfect solution for a Provencal style design.
  • By the type of surface layer, they can be smooth and textured. The wall, decorated with woodpile murals, perfectly complements the interior of the fireplace room. In the bedroom of a small apartment, the good texture of tangible wallpaper, imitating a wall lined with planks, will give the impression that you are in a wooden house.

Materials and patterns

The following options are shared:

  • Cell wallpapers (paper) – the most common option. The theme of the designs is vast: slices and knots to the boards in a variety of combinations. The color palette also offers a wide choice: from pink to white, including brown and red. The paper coating can be monolayer, while being relatively inexpensive and impractical, and multilayer. On several layers of material, textures with all kinds of inclusions and irregularities can be obtained, no worse than on vinyl wallpaper.
  • Non-woven coatings seem expensive, much better and more durable than paper. The non-woven fabric provides resistance and the ability to reproduce different textures. Its respect for the environment allows the use of such wallpaper for the bedroom.
  • Vinyl is applied to a layer of paper or nonwoven, creating a different volumetric pattern on the wallpaper. This is as close as possible to the original. The vinyl finish is durable, allows you to clean the surface of dirt and offers a wide choice of colors and variations. You can transmit all the knots, the cracked shadows present in a natural tree.
  • Liquid wallpapers are not sold in rolls, but in bags and boxes. Recently, consumer interest in them has increased. With them you can get many designs, for example compressed chips. And due to the use of various additives, the texture can be with sparks, roughness and overflow.
  • Natural wood wallpaper. This is of course the composition as close as possible to the natural composition. There are several types:
  • Cork wallpapers are made by pressing honey on the bark of a balsa wood, allow the walls to breathe and have an interesting texture, they blend well with the fashionable ecological style.
  • Wood shavings wallpaper.
  • Veneer coating is made from a paper base and thin strips of wood. Then, using various additives, paints and varnishes, a varied design is given: gloss, horizontal and vertical lines, dark or light colors. The type of veneer depends on the species of wood that compose it. Most often, precious essences are used.

In some cases, to create exclusive collections and individual orders, the manufacturer can combine several species.


To achieve maximum similarity with natural wood, you should use not only similar colors and patterns, but also a heterogeneous texture. Real trees in all their forms will not be perfectly smooth. On imitations, manufacturers use images of oak, birch, alder and spruce wood.

The surface of expensive paper, vinyl and non-woven wallpaper can reproduce exactly all the bumps, roughness and shape of the rings of natural trunks.

A trendy accent can be a covering that repeats the sections and the bark of rare species: locust, wenge, merbau. It is found in exclusive collections, and the price in this case is very high. But you get an almost exclusive interior.

To achieve maximum naturalness, closeness to nature and simplicity, you should use brown tones in the decoration. But brighter colors will also be reflected in various interior styles. The aged white wood covering of the wallpaper will fit perfectly into the marine theme of the living room. The Provencal style is also refreshed with bright colors.

Mahogany will find an unexpected application in the Baroque and classical style. Pink wall panels arranged vertically, illustrated on the cover, complete the Shabby Chic bedroom.

Dark matt wallpaper under the log house will add a fabulous touch to the interior. It is as if you were in an old village house. And its walls bear the imprint of time.

Interesting interior solutions can be found by taking an imitation covering under a wooden floor. But in this case, it is better to work in a color scheme. If the floor is made of dark planks or shiny parquet, it is better to make the walls clear and matt. And vice versa.

Otherwise, there will be too much shine and color. And you will quickly get tired of such a design.

The modern “loft” style can not do without imitation of wood on the walls. In this case, the pattern and the surface should be as close as possible to the natural ones, it could be planks or a log cabin with a rough surface.

The wallpapers can be combined with plastic panels. In the corridor, the lower part of the walls, lined with plastic panels, will bring practicality, while the upper part imitating wood on textured wallpaper will give naturalness and a new design.

Lovers of originality can look at the less common, more vivid and more artificial shades of wood for the wallpaper. A purple or green plank pattern fits perfectly into the avant-garde interior. In this case, the furniture must be chosen in soothing colors and use decorative elements of a color similar to that of the walls (pillows, panels, curtains).

The cork wallpaper with its extraordinary texture will give the interior a natural look.

Advantages and disadvantages

The wood interior makes the atmosphere warm, comfortable and close to nature. If you want to save on decoration or just update the situation often enough, it’s worth staying on wallpaper. They are the most budgetary, the woody designs come in all kinds of shapes and colors. They are ecological and allow the walls to breathe. But you should choose a duplex wallpaper (two layers), they are stronger, although more expensive.

For vinyl siding, wet cleaning is a huge advantage. Their texture will be as close as possible to reality and, thanks to the resistance and the bumps, you will be able to hide the imperfections of the walls.

The non-woven also perfectly transmits natural patterns on wood, but does not tolerate cleaning with water and its price is higher. Ecology is a considerable advantage of this finish: you can safely glue it in the living room and bedroom, as well as in the children’s room.

Modern photo wallpapers come in handy for collage, as they are often sold as a single canvas and you don’t need to measure or adjust anything. And the choice of imitation wood is wide. Most often, these are pictures of heaps of wood, saw cuts and planks. The 3D murals transmit incredibly all the subtleties of the wooden structure.

Liquid wallpaper can also take on the color and structure of the tree, so that it does not differ from reality at all. They are ecological, durable and flexible. Since wallpapers are made from natural ingredients, they can be called hypoallergenic.

A huge advantage of such a coating is soundproofing and the ability to retain heat. In addition, they do not fade, thanks to high quality components.

If you want to modify or restore such a coating, simply delete the desired area and apply a new layer. The borders will not be noticeable.

Separately, it is worth mentioning the advantages and disadvantages of natural wallpaper. Cork can be chosen for people in poor health. It does not absorb dust and cannot cause allergies. This material retains heat well, is soundproof, made of plastic and, combined with special impregnations, repels moisture. Due to the thick layer, they can hide the surface defects of the walls.

A unique relief pattern distinguishes it from other types of imitation wood wallpaper. Durability and the absence of exposure to microorganisms and fungi are also important advantages, as is fire safety. But at the same time, the cork decoration is quite expensive and if you have children and animals at home, they can quickly spoil the appearance of the wallpaper due to their flexibility and their soft surface. Veneer has the same positive qualities as cork, but it is very flammable and inexpensive (slightly more than ordinary wallpaper).

Options for different rooms

The original and trendy living room simply cannot do without wooden patterns. A daring solution can be glued ceiling with the effect of dark wood planks. The walls can also be any natural shade of wood. The pre-painted patterns with a relief coating will nicely accentuate the niches or the edges, while the rest of the space must be neutral.

Combining dark and light stylized wallpapers horizontally is advantageous in a low-flow room. A bright accent of unusual color, for example aged blue planks, will certainly not leave your guests indifferent. In a green interior, oriented towards the natural, the wooden patterns of beige and gray tones with a discreet mat structure that repeats the natural seems beneficial. Piles of logs and large saw cuts are well suited as an accent in a rustic style.

In the bedroom, it is always better to give up shiny and flashy textures and to favor natural or white light shades with an imitation of paint. And if you decide to decorate one of the walls with wood effect wallpaper, it is better to choose the one that is behind the head of the bed. In this embodiment, there may be any variant of the image and a very different color, offset by the pastel shades of the rest of the space. But it is better to complete the natural theme with accessories of the same style (vases, coasters, pillows, paintings).

In the kitchen, two places are suitable for decorating with wooden patterns – the wall at the table and behind the kitchen set. The dining room can be enhanced with murals and raised planks, log houses or slices of different colors. The bleached colors blend perfectly into a minimalist or Scandinavian style.

Washable wallpaper should be preferred, but it is better to refuse natural materials: they are able to absorb odors.

In the children’s room, the choice of wooden decor is probably not as wide. The soft and natural tones of wood on paper or non-woven wallpaper can dilute a discreet marine motif, decorative stickers or inscriptions. An interesting option here can be an imitation of ship’s wood.

The hallway is an ideal place to combine shades of light wood on the walls and natural wood or to simulate it on the floor. This will give the room a feeling of space and comfort.

Two other rooms, more characteristic of a country house, are an office and a library. Here, wood imitations will be very suitable. And this is the case when you can safely use the dark or bright saturated colors of the decoration.

How to choose?

Whatever type of wood effect wallpaper you like, you should choose a quality product for the interior decoration of your home or apartment. Highlights a few things to watch out for:

  • If it is a laminated wallpaper, it will have to be personalized to adapt it to the pattern. You must increase the quantity when purchasing.
  • You must take into account the moisture resistance of the wallpaper for each of your renovated rooms.
  • It is important to determine the interior finishing task. Respect for the environment and safety will be ensured by natural materials, while the non-woven and vinyl hide the drawbacks.
  • Try to choose wallpapers in large rolls. They will be easier to stick.
  • Pay attention to the appropriate glue. For each material, it is specialized.
  • For small rooms, it is best to stay in light colors.
  • If you have opted for a wallpaper made from natural materials, you should clearly think about where in the apartment they will be pasted, will not suffer from moisture, odors or mechanical stress.

Ideas for applying imitation wood wallpaper indoors – Photos

In the dining room, an accent of a dark imitation of wood will be appropriate. This will add solemnity to the decor.

In the bedroom on the central wall, a palette of pastel colors will be very impressive, even with the use of an unnatural blue color for wood. It gives inner tenderness and lightness.

The desk or work corner will shine in a new way if you prefer a wall decoration under a varnished panel and complete the interior with vintage style objects and furniture.

The cork wallpapers will create a successful background for a laconic and minimalist interior. The murals with the image of the pile of wood will be a fashionable discovery for the living room. Your guests will appreciate this solution.

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