Best Wool Rug Designs You’ll Ever Find

You are, undoubtedly, on the safe side if you are looking for wool rug designs. This natural material, especially if those are 100% wool rugs, considerably goes higher in price compared to synthetic rugs, yet, you’ll be happier with a wool area rug in the long run since wool is extremely durable. Moreover, it is one of the best choices for high-traffic areas. Even years of using such a rug won’t show any sign of wear. 

In addition, wool rugs are easy to take care of when it comes to stains and dirt, although oil spills are harder to deal with. Another great thing about wool is that it improves indoor air quality by absorbing impurities. So far, so good. 

How to choose a non-itchy wool rug?

Short and wide wool fibers are usually troublesome and may feel itchy on the touch. On the other hand, rugs with long and soft wool fibers don’t irritate the skin and feel pretty comfy.

How do you clean a wool rug?

Let’s start with the fact that you should not soak a wool rug. It will get extremely heavy. You won’t be able to clean it properly. Moreover, it will take too long to dry, which may lead to discoloration. Thus, treat the surface with small quantities of water once a year to remove dirt. Pay more attention to stained zones. A good tip is to take care of a stain as soon as you notice it, not only when you plan to clean the rug. 

Still, the best ever advice is to get your wool rug professionally dry cleaned.

How to prolong the lifespan of your wool rug?

Although wool is one of the most resilient materials and a perfect choice for high-traffic areas, you can still make it last longer. You should avoid factors that may destroy your wool rug, such as moisture, not cleaning it of dust and stains regularly, excessive sunlight, continuous contact with pets, and using chemicals when cleaning it.

Congrats! You are in the know, since we covered the most essential aspects of wool rugs. Do you feel it? It seems like we are ready to tackle those best wool rug designs we’ve talked about earlier. Be prepared for a huge variation of colors, prints, and styles!

Natural Wool Rug Designs

Choose this trendy rug design idea and respect the natural part in terms of material and color. Opt for handwoven wool rugs with a naturally wool color, and finally, add that eco touch to your interior house design.

A Blend of Wool and Jute

Go sustainable with a fully eco wool rug design by considering a combo of wool with jute. Such rugs look incredibly textured, exceptionally durable, and work better for high-traffic rooms.

White Wool Rug Designs

White perfectly matches the aesthetics of a natural wool rug. Moreover, it adapts the rug to any design style. It may be harder to take care of, yet indeed a suitable option for Modern, Minimalist, or Scandi.

Black Wool Area Rugs

Do you feel like Contemporary better matches your vibe? Choose a black wool area rug in your living room, bedroom, or kitchen. Moreover, pair it with white and opt for the classic combo. 

Add Comfort with Plush Wool Rugs

Plush wool rug designs vary in color and pattern. Still, the feature they have in common is being impressively soft. Use them in the bedroom primarily. Moreover, one of the trendiest options is the so-called pebble design, resembling small pebbles.

Textured Geometric Pattern

Instead of plain wool rug designs, opt for visually appealing rugs with textured geometric prints. Use one color or popular combos, and enjoy the trend in your home.

Play with Trendy Colors

Besides white and black, the known classic of the design world, try something new this season that bets on more self-expressive options. Textiles are one of the best ways to add more cheerful color to any design. Find here the latest color trends. 

Traditional Handwoven Rugs

The hit of the season is wool rug designs in the Traditional style with ethnic prints in earthy colors. Use them to decorate both traditional and modern interiors. Make the right statement in your home. 

Boho Twist: Moroccan Wool Rugs

Get creative with richly colored and interestingly patterned Moroccan wool rug designs. Make it the accent in any room of your house, and you’ll notice how your interior design will become a thousand times more charming.

Vintage Textiles

Add even more entertaining features to your living room, bedroom, or dining room with a vintage wool area rug. Opt for distressed designs with washed-out colors and botanical or traditional prints.

Wool Rug Layering

Get the best experience with layers of wool rugs. Pick a larger neutral rug and cover it with a smaller personalized wool rug design, say vintage or boho. 

Now, you’re good to go with the best tips on wool rugs and how to choose the best wool rug designs to match your interior design style. Interestingly, most options work for any style and color palette. It’s a matter of taste, your taste.

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