Work office decor ideas: original decor suggestions with inspirational photos

Work office decor ideas: original decor suggestions with inspirational photos

Whether you work in the office or remotely, you spend half of your day performing an activity in a particular space, be it a home office or a commercial one. This place is more than a working area. It reflects your personality, speaking for each individuality in part if it is a home office, and the company itself if referring to the other case. Besides the units necessary to perform the work that should be present in your office, decor plays as much an essential role. Completing the interior design of this space influences you at the psychological level, affecting your emotional state and productivity. We are sure you would like to keep these aspects at the highest level.

We prepared a list of creative ideas to decorate your office so that your working space keeps pace with the latest trends and offers you a pleasant environment. You will be revealed the secrets of a perfect office decor that will transform your daily working routine into productive moments to enjoy. Let’s find out how a little splash of creativity can make you feel completely different about your working area, of course, in a positive way!

3 starting points to consider

  • Type of office. Relying on the particular type, be it a commercial, CEO, or home office, various approaches have to be considered to fit every situation in part;
  • The wanted effect. Whether you want a productive or calming environment, a stylish setting, or simply a new look for your office, you should consider particular decorative elements that will ensure such results;
  • Personality. Based on your personality, set a decor that will reflect it from various perspectives, offering your office individuality, which is welcome in interior design.

Original decor ideas for home office

A home office should be adapted to your comfort and activity. Therefore, the decor is a complementary element to the existing units that should fit your personality and type of work. Of course, we cannot come up with ideas for every individuality in part. Nevertheless, we would like to provide you with suggestions for decor to enrich your office environment with comfort and productivity, which are welcome in any working space.

Bring nature closer

Nothing can bring more beauty to decor than nature itself. Furthermore, you do not have to go too extra and come with unusual elements of decor. Consider indoor plants all around the place, and your room will instantly acquire a new look. The splash of green and freshness will enrich the environment and set a pleasant feeling. Furthermore, green is known to encourage productivity, which is one of the essentials within a working area.

Wall system to keep it organized

The decor does not necessarily imply only the purpose of enriching a place with something new. It can also serve as part of the units necessary to perform the activity. A practical and stylish way of applying such a suggestion is by opting for a wall system. It will cover the left space and prove to be useful for work. You can consider a large desk with necessary items, various folders, a calendar with your schedule, and personal notes and reminders. Keep them all in one place, and you will achieve a decorative element that will add an accent to your working space and help you organize your work.

Add coziness in three steps

Comfort is undoubtedly an essential factor when it comes to productivity. Besides that, your emotional state is also important. This is why we suggest you pay attention to decorative elements that ensure your well-being. In this sense, consider the following units:

  • scented candles to soften the environment; 
  • enough daylight, or a warm source of light such as stylish lamps; 
  • a comfy blanket on the chair and a throw pillow.

Your home office will instantly become cozier and offer you comfortable working conditions. There is no need to mention the effect of these elements on the interior design of your office. They will considerably shape the way it looks and its environment.

A new splash of color

The working routine can quite bore you, which is also caused by the place you perform your activity in. A new splash of color will serve as a bold decorative approach, enriching your office with a vibrant environment and adding energy, which is welcome within such spaces.  Consider a bold picture, an eye-catching chair, or an accent wall to add individuality to your office.

Statement painting

As common as it sounds, a simple painting, which does not necessarily have to be something unusual, can quite shape the way your office looks. You can opt for any painting that feels closer to you or bears a specific meaning. Nevertheless, a simple approach in this sense is welcome. A neutral background with a few to no patterns at all in a vintage frame will work perfectly.

Personalize the space

We tackle the personality of your office again. Nothing will make it feel cozier than the environment filled with elements that make you happy. Relying on your interests, consider particular decorative units. For instance, go with the nautical theme by opting for navy blue walls and decorative elements of this kind. The same goes for those interested in geography, history, reading, fashion, or any other field.

Bring the outdoors inside

A perfect decoration with less effort is opting for elements of nature-inspired materials. Rattan is one of the best textures you can opt for. Practical, natural, and calming, it will enrich your working space with freshness and add texture to your decor. Consider rattan furniture, lamps, or any other units suitable in this sense. Furthermore, you can consider a comfortable rattan chair for your relaxing area, which is a perfect addition to your office.

Pick a theme

Instead of opting for a limited number of decorative units, go with a theme and fill your office with a particular energy. Among the popular ones are the following styles:

  • Art Deco, achieved by adding a 20’s inspired lamp and paintings in black and gold; 
  • Vintage, reached through units that seem to date back to the past centuries; 
  • Boho, achieved by an eclectic combination of values, including nature-inspired elements.

Creative decor ideas for commercial office

This is where things get interesting since an office like this implies most of all the personality of the company itself. Nevertheless, the decor is supposed to add comfort and productivity to the workplace of different individualities. Therefore, it has to be an eclectic combination of values to fit every person in part and all together as a unity.

A splash of greenery

Contemporary offices tend to use neutral colors in the design, thus setting a working environment, which may seem a little bit too serious. A perfect variant to enrich it with a new splash of color is by opting for greeneries. Whether these are green walls or plant pots throughout the office, this new sparkle of green will refresh the atmosphere and bring in energy, inspiring the productivity of workers.

Go bold for a statement

The working routine within an office can be enriched with a new splash of inspiration by opting for bold colors for particular elements. Be it the chairs in a meeting room, an accent wall, or the relaxing area, the office will acquire a new environment, positive and welcoming. In this sense, you can consider the main colors of the company or any other shades that fit your style and activity.

Inspiration all over the place

Workers need to be inspired constantly, and a perfect suggestion is to fill the place with inspirational quotes. A variety of motivational phrases all over the place will encourage the workers for new achievements. Furthermore, consider changing them from time to time to bring in new inspiration.

History wall

A company proud of its workers and achievements will never cease to show this off. A perfect option is to integrate this aspect into a history wall that will point out the starting point, the greatest achievements, and future plans. This will serve as a perfect decorative unit for the walls, as an informational source for new workers, and an excellent way of showing the personality of the company.

Pick a theme

Pick a particular theme for the office to ensure the integrity of the decorative elements. In this sense, you can opt for a rustic style or refer to national culture by reflecting it through particular elements. A contemporary approach will include a loft-style, where everybody is free to come up with new ideas for the decor, such as a ping-pong table right in the middle of the office for relaxing pauses. At the same time, you can go with a lego style and complete it with decorative units. It should be noted that it does not imply a playful feature but a strong statement for efficient organization.

CEO office decor ideas

Most of the ideas that refer to home office decor apply here since the CEO office is a personal space, although often entered by various co-workers. It should be noted that it implies an official approach to fit the status of CEO, but at the same time, adding a little bit of individuality. Therefore, it is perfect to pick a particular theme that will fit the style of the entire office and refer to personal interests. Look at the following suggestions for inspiration:

  • Art Deco style. Consider the combination of black and gold for the background, adding elegant lighting fixtures peculiar to the ’20s and luxurious furniture to keep pace with other units of this style;
  • Vintage style. Go with a classic decorative approach. Consider wood and leather elements. Particularly opt for vintage furniture, such as an old, beautifully restored desk;
  • Loft-style. The easiest way of decorating the office in this style is by leaving the concrete walls untouched. They are enough to add accent to this space and integrate it into the overall style of the office;
  • Contemporary. Keep it as simple as possible and as formal as needed. Consider a single decorative unit that will enrich the entire space with elegance. It has to be an accent, such as a large luxurious lighting fixture right above the table, usually in the space set for meetings with other colleagues.
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